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The best games to see in 2024 if you're planning a New Year's night in

With the festive party season coming to a close, many of you may be looking forward to a New Year’s Eve in.

Board games can be perfect for a cosy NYE in

You’ll still be looking for a bit of entertainment to see 2024 in with though, so here we’ve rounded up some of the best games to make your evening complete. Happy New Year, folks!


It’s a classic, and there’s a reason for that. In terms of parlour games, charades remains the cornerstone of the bunch, mainly because it requires absolutely no kit at all to play.

For those who are (somehow) unfamiliar with the rules, players take it in turns to mime the title of a book, film, TV show, play or anything they like really, and the others have to guess the correct answer.

The miming player is of course prohibited from speaking, and must use their physical theatrical talents to convey the words without speaking them.

A true stalwart of the festive game pantheon, charades is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and will get the laughs rolling in if you’re staying in this New Year’s Eve.

Who Made the Resolution?

A great way to make a bit of extra fun out of your New Year’s resolutions. Players simply write a resolution (past or present) on a slip of paper, and all are then mixed up in a bowl and drawn at random by one participant. All others must then attempt to guess whose resolution they are reading. The more bizarre the resolution, the better this game works.



Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the library...

This timeless game of playing detective is still one of the greatest board games ever created, and never fails to keep all participants hooked until the end.

Breaking out the Cluedo board this NYE will doubtlessly delight all of the Miss Scarletts, Professor Plums, Reverend Greens and Mrs Peacocks at your gathering this year.


A test of dexterity that puts even Operation out to pasture. This game can be played very easily and by multiple competitors – all you need are two bowls, a packet of Tic Tacs and a pair of tweezers.

Players compete to move as many Tic Tacs from one bowl to the other in one minute using only the tweezers. Simple, tense and deliciously addictive, this one will keep you all amused for longer than you’d think.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

The Forgotten Realms are ripe for adventure, and adventure is calling to you this NYE.

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) has dominated the world of tabletop role-playing games for over 40 years. Currently riding a popularity wave that has been given a boost thanks to Netflix’s Stranger Things, this game of imagination and fantasy storytelling is garnering more devoted players by the day, and New Year’s Eve could be the perfect time for you and yours to discover the incredible fun it holds.

Like the sound of adventure in a world of magic, mayhem dragons and dwarves? This could be the best NYE of your life.

Fun Quiz

We all love a good quiz, and a cosy NYE in can be the perfect time to enjoy one as a group.

And if you are looking for the finest quiz in the land, look no further than yesterday’s paper! Our Friday Night Pub Quiz can certainly keep until tomorrow night, and will give you several rounds of quizzical delight comprised by our own in-house quizmaster general, Mr Mark ‘The Captain’ Shipp. We aim to please.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Not for the faint of heart (and certainly not for the kids), this super popular card-based game is perfect for those looking for a little mischief during their New Year’s Eve in.

To start the game, each player draws 10 white cards, which each feature a phrase, name, action or description. These will be varyingly shocking in terms of their political correctness.

A black card featuring a sentence with a blanked word/words is then turned over, and the player who can complete it to the most hilarious standard using one of their white cards is the round winner.

Truly one of the funniest games ever created, this one will keep you and yours laughing all night long. But be warned, a strong stomach is needed, and this game is not for the easily offended.



The festive season would not be complete without a wholesome(ish) family round of this money-grubbing classic!

We all know Monopoly, and we all love it. But, a word of caution. Wars have been started because of this game, and family feuds stoked into life.

Be sure who you’re getting involved in your battle of big shot hoteliers – you may not end up speaking to them again until next NYE...

New Year’s Eve Champagne Relay Race

Time to get the bubbly out... In this manic team challenge, players club together on opposing teams to fill a Champagne flute to the brim with plonk as quickly as possible using only a teaspoon.

Make sure you score some cheap bubbly for this one – it will go everywhere!