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Lynda’s novel take on classic fantasy tales

AS a child Lynda Ann Green couldn’t get enough of stories by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Alan Garner.

Lynda Ann Green with her new book Mr Nolly and the Magic Ladder, which features Sammy the cat, right

Now she has taken inspiration from her literary heroes and written her own children’s book – Mr Nolly and the Magic Ladder.

The fantasy tale, aimed at youngsters aged six and upwards, has been published by London-based Austin Macauley Publishers.

“It is the first in a trilogy and is about Mr Nolly, a friendly, gentle odd-job man who lives happily with his little cat Sam in a cosy little village called Nollington Green.

“After unwillingly finding himself in the possession of a magic talking ladder, who he names ‘Ecky’, Mr Nolly is briskly drawn away from his quiet, simple life into a world of magic and mayhem.

“Two comical cats, a clumsy, impish servant to a sweet, dizzy witch who lives in the woods, and a thrilling almost disastrous adventure at the fairground where Ecky heroically saves the day, all make for a new and very unusual life for Mr Nolly and Sam,” explained Lynda, who lives in Wombourne.

The 49-year-old said she hoped that children would enjoy reading it as much as she loved books by her favourite authors when she was young.

“I thought it would be wonderful for children to walk into the magical world of Mr Nolly and become a part of it like I did with Enid Blyton’s Fairyland, C.S.Lewis’ Narnia and L. Frank Baum’s Oz.

“I believe that children love other worldly adventures. I believe that they love heroism too and learning the difference between heroes and villains through literature at a young age is both influential and educational.

“Combining that with a mystical, magical world is something a lot of young minds would be drawn to because it is good and ideal yet exciting, with the dream that they too, could one day be Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins or even Ecky the Magic Ladder.”

“I have aimed to give a rich combination of excitement, perils and merriment throughout the story that lead the way to a finale that not only warms the heart, but leaves the reader wondering as to what will happen in the second book.

“Having my book published is a dream come true and it’s an amazing feeling holding it in your hands for the first time.

“I am currently working on the second book and have the third planned out, so it’s all very exciting,” added Lynda, who was born in Oldbury.

She has also been writing poetry for more than 20 years which has included having almost 40 poems published in various anthologies and producing a booklet of her poems in 1997 entitled Twilight Wishes.

Lynda has also had two short-stories published in the Express & Star - The Twists of Life in 2014 and Wendle’s Cottage in March 2015 - with the former winning her a cash prize for Story of the Month.

Mr Nolly and the Magic Ladder’ is available to buy online from Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmith as well as from the publisher. For more information about Lynda’s book see