Express & Star comment: May must deliver on Brexit vote

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You would have thought it was a simple instruction from the people of this country, delivered almost two years ago in the EU referendum.

Confused about the Brexit process?

A clear majority voted in favour of Brexit.

What part of this instruction does the Government, the civil service, and belligerent sections of the national media not understand?

The decision over our future relationship with the EU was not put to Parliament for our elected representatives to vote on.

Instead, in the biggest plebiscite in the history of this nation, the people spoke.

They said, quite clearly, that they wanted out.

Theresa May, in triggering Article 50, gave a clear indication that this would happen by March next year.

There can be no logical political or moral reason for anybody to obstruct the will of the people.


Yes, opinions on our exit will continue to differ between those who voted 'in' or 'out'.

But the wrong-headed fudge that the Government is making of the process brings shame upon the Conservative Party.

It is little wonder that business leaders in the Black Country have called for clarity over Mrs May's plans for post-Brexit Britain.

They are certainly not alone in feeling confused about the whole process up to now.


Why is the Government allowing itself to be held to ransom by a handful of mutinous MPs?

Why has Labour, which let's not forget, is supposedly supporting Brexit, decided to play politics in a blatant attempt to undermine the whole process?

Surely the fact that 52 per cent of people voted Leave should be enough to give the Government the backbone required to carry the job through?

Mrs May should remember that if she manages to deliver Brexit in the way that most people envisaged – namely a clear and definitive split from Brussels – she will benefit from the support of voters who previously turned to UKIP in desperation.

Otherwise she will be remembered as the Prime Minister who failed to deliver the will of the people.

If she continues to make such a mess of this issue, she faces paying a hefty price at the next election – if she gets that far.

Mrs May must show she has what it takes to bring about the Brexit that people thought they were voting for.


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