Express & Star comment: Why we must put a stop to killer drivers

The tragic cases of John Hickinbottom and Nicholas Harrison make for painful reading.

The Express & Star's Stop the Speeders campaign
The Express & Star's Stop the Speeders campaign

This newspaper makes no secret of its frustration with the criminal justice system and the soft sentences that are handed out for so many awful crimes.

In particular, the crime of dangerous driving should be urgently addressed by our lawmakers.

While the death toll grows, time and time again we see people who are found guilty of this offence handed sentences that are pathetic.

The cases we report on today are prime examples. Craig Edwards was drunk behind the wheel when he smashed into his victim, who was walking on the pavement at the time.

He was jailed for seven years.

Kade Scrivens received a seven and a half year prison term for hitting a cyclist when he lost control of his car while travelling at high speed.

Such sentences seem woefully insufficient when you consider that both crimes caused the death of an innocent person.

Government legislation designed to tackle dangerous driving is slowly moving forward, although it is likely to be a while before anything meaningful enters the statute books.

In fact, the plan to increase the maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving to go up from 14 years in prison to life has yet to go before Parliament.

We need action now.

Today the Express & Star is calling on people to sign our petition and get some form of justice for the victims of these terrible crimes.

We want our readers to support our call for killer drivers to face tougher sentences.

Everyone can play a part in ending this disgrace of lenient sentences for drivers who kill on our roads.

Where is the justice for the victims and their families?

We need a change in the law to make sentencing powers for causing death by dangerous driving accurately reflect the crime.

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