Wolverhampton local election results: Labour in control but Tories gain one seat

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Find out all the results from the 2019 Wolverhampton local election count.

Newly-elected councillor Olivia Birch celebrates her win with Councillor Linda Leach in Wolverhampton

What happened:

Labour maintained control of the council but lost one seat to the Tories after Paul Appleby won Bushbury North by just eight votes.

Political make-up:

Labour 50, Conservatives 10.

Turnout: 27 per cent

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Ward-by-ward results

* = elected councillor


Bilston East: (Lab hold)

Tom Fellows (Indep) 191

Rashpal Kaur (Lab)* 1,045

Sian Kumar (Cons) 275

Robert Wells (Ukip) 550

Bilston North: (Lab hold)

Olivia Birch (Lab)* 1,216

Brian Lawley (Ukip) 540

Mohammed Sohaib (Cons) 318

Blakenhall: (Lab hold)

Patrick Bentley (Lib) 115

Paul Birch (Lab)* 2,221

Christopher Gleve (Ukip) 142

Josh Moreton (Cons) 335

Bushbury North: (Cons gain)

Paul Appleby (Cons)* 795

Ann Jenkins (Lib) 118

Wayne O’Brien (Lab) 787

John Rickhuss (Ukip) 515

Michelle Webster (Green) 134

Bushbury South and Low Hill: (Lab hold)

Alan Bamber (Lib) 126

Paula Brookfield (Lab)* 1,067

Robert Hornsby (Cons) 331

Clive Wood (Green) 209

East Park: (Lab hold)

Harman Banger (Lab)* 1,013

Steve Hall (Indep) 395

Andrew Timmins (Cons) 299

Ettingshall: (Lab hold)

David Murray (Lib) 347

Sandra Samuels (Lab)* 2,005

Fortune Sibanda (Cons) 292

Fallings Park: (Lab hold)

Helen Currie (Green) 229

Ranjit Dhillon (Cons) 537

Valerie Evans (Lab)* 931

Peter Nixon (Lib) 165

Graiseley: (Lab hold)

Daniel Flynn (Green) 234

Giuliano Pisarski (Cons) 497

Jacqueline Sweetman (Lab)* 1,630

Joanne Taaffe (Lib) 142

Heath Town: (Lab hold)

Milkinderpal Jaspal (Lab)* 1,124

Ian Jenkins (Lib) 281

Sucha Singh (Cons) 436

Merry Hill: (Cons hold)

Paul Darke (Lab) 1,020

Kate Gilbert (Green) 415

Chris Haynes (Cons) 1,499

Oxley: (Lab hold)

Leyla Abbes (Lib) 180

Joshua Allerton (Soc) 30

Andrew McNeil (Cons) 492

Clare Simm (Lab)* 971

Bob Southam (BCP) 320

Helen Tudor (Green) 114

Park: (Lab hold)

Amy Bertaut (Green) 359

David Davies (Cons) 651

Michael Hardacre (Lab)* 1,354

Nicholas Machnik-Foster (Lib) 171

Penn: (Cons hold)

Peter Hollis (Lib) 248

Muhammad Nasim (Lab) 1,127

Paul Singh (Cons)* 1,880

Holly Whitmill (Green) 394

Spring Vale: (Lab hold)

Kathryn Ball (Lib) 480

Rupinderjit Kaur (Lab)* 1,105

Safyaan Salim (Cons) 405

St Peters: (Lab hold)

Terry Hancox (Green) 179

Lynne Moran (Lab)* 1,391

Gillian Timms (Cons) 254

Tettenhall Regis: (Cons hold)

Benjamin Brunsdon (Green) 254

Julian Donald (Lib) 171

Chester Morrison (Lab) 850

Jonathan Yardley (Cons)* 1,692

Tettenhall Wightwick (two seats): (Cons hold x2)

Andrea Cantrill (Green) 609

Jonathan Crofts (Cons)* 1,997

Pat Cross (Lab) 754

Bryan Lewis (Lib) 247

David Marsh (Lib) 186

Wendy Thompson (Cons)* 2,073

Wednesfield North: (Lab hold)

Adam Collinge (Cons) 473

Lee Harris (Green) 122

Rita Potter (Lab)* 957

Eddie Szwarc (Ukip) 702

Wednesfield South (two seats): (Lab hold x2)

Raj Chagger (Cons) 674

Jacqui Coogan (Lab)* 933

Sandra Hopkins (Ukip) 545

Zak Roche (Green) 252

Bhupinder Gakhal (Lab)* 1,063

Alison Webb (Cons) 675

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