Walsall local election results: Tories take control after gains

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Find out all the results from the 2019 Walsall local election count.

Walsall Conservatives were in celebratory mood after taking overall control of the council

What happened:

The Tories, who had been running the council with minority control, gained two seats from Labour to take outright control.

Political make-up:

Conservatives 32, Labour 26, Lib Dems 2.

Turnout: TBC

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Ward-by-ward results

* = elected councillor


Aldridge Central and South: (Cons hold)

Paul Bramwell (Lib) 349

Guan Chan (Green) 132

Barbara Dickens (Ukip) 774

Pard Kaur (Cons) 1,678

Mish Rahman (Lab) 594

Aldridge North and Walsall Wood: (Cons hold)

Gary Clarke (Cons)* 1,327

Tony Williams-Rabone (Ukip) 547

Amy Wolfs (Lab) 658

Bentley and Darlaston North: (Lab hold)

Bruce Bennett (Ukip) 463

Stuart Chapman (Indep) 301

Andrew Forrester (Cons) 354

Saiqa Nasreen (Lab) 1,189

Birchills-Leamore: (Cons gain)

Gaz Ali (Cons)* 1,286

Christopher Jones (Lab) 1,208

Blakenall: (Lab hold)

Pomy Kang (Cons) 230

Shaun McKenzie (Green) 83

Pete Smith (Indep) 725

Ann Young (Lab)* 1,098

Bloxwich East: (Cons gain)

Shaun Fitzpatrick (Lab) 975

Corin Statham (Cons) 1,102

Bloxwich West: (Cons hold)

Matt Follows (Cons)* 1,522

Patti Lane (Lab) 850

Brownhills: (Cons hold)

Derek Bennett (Ukip) 440

Ken Ferguson (Cons)* 1,054

David Morgan (Lab) 624

Ian Neville (Indep) 759

Darlaston South: (Lab hold)

Peter Burton (Ukip) 948

Doug James (Lab) 1,042

Sukhy Nijjar (Cons) 300

Paddock: (Cons hold)

Nick Dodds (Lab) 1,392

Peter Faultless (Ukip) 288

Waheed Rasab (Cons)* 1,985

Roger Watts (Lib) 208

Palfrey: (Lab hold)

Hajran Bashir (Lab) 2,426

Harun Roshid (Lib) 323

Mohammed Yaqoob (Cons) 1,105

Pelsall: (Cons hold)

Graham Eardley (Ukip) 649

Marco Longhi (Cons)* 1,449

Jon Maltman (Lab) 489

Pheasey Park Farm: (Cons hold)

Mike Bird (Cons)* 1,343

Andrea Bradley (Lab) 602

Steve Grey (Ukip) 536

Pleck: (Lab hold)

Khizar Hussain (Lab)* 2,123

Jas Singh (Cons) 582

Rushall-Shelfield: (Cons hold)

Liam Allen (Green) 192

Mark Dickens (Ukip) 569

Lorna Rattigan (Cons)* 1,110

Kathryn Smith (Lab) 804

Short Heath: (Cons hold)

Carl Brown (Lab) 663

Sarah-Jane Cooper (Cons)* 1,065

Mohammed Yaqub (Lib) 529

St. Matthews: (Lab hold)

Jonathan Bates (Lib) 252

Arfan Matloob (Cons) 1,349

Farhana Mazhar (Lab) 1,800

Susan Webster (Green) 358

Streetly: (Cons hold)

Shaz Akhtar (Lab) 348

Kay Davies-Tinsley (Ukip) 562

Jennifer Gray (Lib) 679

Sat Johal (Cons)* 1,675

Willenhall North: (Cons hold)

Mehreen Afzal (Lab) 512

Adam Hicken (Cons) 1,072

Stuart Hodges (Lib) 794

Willenhall South: (Lab hold)

Carl Creaney (Lab)* 1,445

Amandeep Garcha (Cons) 928

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