Cannock Chase local election results: Labour loses overall control

Find out all the results from the 2019 Cannock Chase local election count.

Paul Woodhead, leader of the Greens in Cannock, gives two big thumbs up
Paul Woodhead, leader of the Greens in Cannock, gives two big thumbs up

What happened:

Labour lose seats on a good day for the Greens but remain the largest party.

Political make-up:

Labour 18, Conservatives 15, Greens 5, Lib Dems 2, Independent 1

Turnout: 26.4 per cent

Scroll down for full results from each ward.

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Ward-by-ward results

* = elected councillor

Brereton and Ravenhill: (Lib gain)

Darren Foley (Lab) 523

Phil Jones (Cons) 273

Gerald Molineux (Lib)* 598

Cannock East: (Lab hold)

Arlette Carmichael (Green) 124

Mick Howes (Ukip) 342

Tony Johnson (Lab) 578

Johnny McMahon (Cons) 329

Cannock North: (Lab hold)

John Dawkins (Cons) 269

Andrea Layton (Lab)* 613

Jodie Winter (Green) 264

Cannock South: (Lab hold)

John Kraujalis (Lab)* 565

Peter Kruskonjic (Cons) 467

Scarlett Ward (Green) 124

Kev Whittaker (Ukip) 305

Cannock West: (Con hold)

Michael Holder (Lab) 363

Val Jones (Cons)* 1,097

Maire Smith (Green) 286

Etching Hill and The Heath: (Con hold)

Michael Sheridan (Green) 291

Mike Sutherland (Cons)* 805

Kieran Tait-Green (Lab) 246

Hagley: (Con gain)

Jessica Cooper (Lab) 267

Robert Hughes (Cons)* 299

Stuart Kennedy (Green) 156

Hawks Green: (Con hold)

John Bernard (Indep) 163

Les Bullock (Lab) 212

Adrienne Fitzgerald (Cons)* 552

David Green (Green) 127

Robert Pitcher (Ukip) 209

Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury: (Con hold)

Kenneth Beardmore (Green) 114

Paul Dadge (Lab) 354

Dave Morris (Ukip) 269

Samantha Thompson (Cons)* 435

Hednesford Green Heath: (Con gain)

Brian Apter (Green) 133

Bryan Jones (Cons)* 391

Dave Percox (Ukip) 172

Linda Tait (Lab) 378

Ronald Turville (Indep) 74

Hednesford North: (Green gain)

Diane Bennett (Cons) 335

Mandy Dunnett (Green)* 517

Jacqueline Prestwood (Lab) 389

Hednesford South: (Green hold)

Stuart Crabtree (Green)* 720

Doris Grice (Lab) 138

Wendy Yates (Cons) 329

Norton Canes: (Lab gain)

Paul Allen (Ukip) 292

Mike Hoare (Cons) 519

Josh Newbury (Lab)* 737

Glen Tapper (Green) 89

Rawnsley: (Green gain)

Pat Ansell (Lib) 57

Mark Deakin (Lab) 158

Philippa Haden (Cons) 318

Andrea Muckley (Green)* 672

Western Springs: (Con hold)

Anthony Boucker (Cons)* 716

Warren Cocker (Green) 258

David Gaye (Lab) 344

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