Cannock Chase local election results: Labour loses overall control

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Find out all the results from the 2019 Cannock Chase local election count.

Paul Woodhead, leader of the Greens in Cannock, gives two big thumbs up

What happened:

Labour lose seats on a good day for the Greens but remain the largest party.

Political make-up:

Labour 18, Conservatives 15, Greens 5, Lib Dems 2, Independent 1

Turnout: 26.4 per cent

Scroll down for full results from each ward.

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Ward-by-ward results

* = elected councillor


Brereton and Ravenhill: (Lib gain)

Darren Foley (Lab) 523

Phil Jones (Cons) 273

Gerald Molineux (Lib)* 598

Cannock East: (Lab hold)

Arlette Carmichael (Green) 124

Mick Howes (Ukip) 342

Tony Johnson (Lab) 578

Johnny McMahon (Cons) 329

Cannock North: (Lab hold)

John Dawkins (Cons) 269

Andrea Layton (Lab)* 613

Jodie Winter (Green) 264

Cannock South: (Lab hold)

John Kraujalis (Lab)* 565

Peter Kruskonjic (Cons) 467

Scarlett Ward (Green) 124

Kev Whittaker (Ukip) 305

Cannock West: (Con hold)

Michael Holder (Lab) 363

Val Jones (Cons)* 1,097

Maire Smith (Green) 286

Etching Hill and The Heath: (Con hold)

Michael Sheridan (Green) 291

Mike Sutherland (Cons)* 805

Kieran Tait-Green (Lab) 246

Hagley: (Con gain)

Jessica Cooper (Lab) 267

Robert Hughes (Cons)* 299

Stuart Kennedy (Green) 156

Hawks Green: (Con hold)

John Bernard (Indep) 163

Les Bullock (Lab) 212

Adrienne Fitzgerald (Cons)* 552

David Green (Green) 127

Robert Pitcher (Ukip) 209

Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury: (Con hold)

Kenneth Beardmore (Green) 114

Paul Dadge (Lab) 354

Dave Morris (Ukip) 269

Samantha Thompson (Cons)* 435

Hednesford Green Heath: (Con gain)

Brian Apter (Green) 133

Bryan Jones (Cons)* 391

Dave Percox (Ukip) 172

Linda Tait (Lab) 378

Ronald Turville (Indep) 74

Hednesford North: (Green gain)

Diane Bennett (Cons) 335

Mandy Dunnett (Green)* 517

Jacqueline Prestwood (Lab) 389

Hednesford South: (Green hold)

Stuart Crabtree (Green)* 720

Doris Grice (Lab) 138

Wendy Yates (Cons) 329

Norton Canes: (Lab gain)

Paul Allen (Ukip) 292

Mike Hoare (Cons) 519

Josh Newbury (Lab)* 737

Glen Tapper (Green) 89

Rawnsley: (Green gain)

Pat Ansell (Lib) 57

Mark Deakin (Lab) 158

Philippa Haden (Cons) 318

Andrea Muckley (Green)* 672

Western Springs: (Con hold)

Anthony Boucker (Cons)* 716

Warren Cocker (Green) 258

David Gaye (Lab) 344

Peter Madeley

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