Sandwell local election results: Labour maintains grip on council

Find out all the results from the 2019 Sandwell local election count.

Council leader Steve Trow celebrates a clean sweep for Labour in Sandwell
Council leader Steve Trow celebrates a clean sweep for Labour in Sandwell

What happened:

Labour won every seat to maintain its vice-like grip on the authority.

Political make-up:

Labour 72.

Turnout: TBC

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Votes from across Sandwell were counted at Tipton Sports Academy

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Ward-by-ward results

* = elected councillor

Abbey: (Lab hold)

Michael Allen (Green) 587

Robin Bird (Cons) 358

Ahmad Bostan (Lab)* 1,406

Karl Renar (Lib) 207

Blackheath: (Lab hold)

Ian Bradshaw (BCP) 253

Bob Dunn (Cons) 620

Thabiso Mabena (Lab)* 726

Aldo Mussi (Green) 120

David Westwood (Ukip) 457

Bristnall: (Lab hold)

Connor Jones (Cons) 537

Saikha Kausar (Lab)* 900

Susan O’Dell (Green) 506

Charlemont with Grove Vale: (Lab hold)

Elizabeth Giles (Lab)* 1,145

Sam Harding (FB) 144

Graham Nock (Ukip) 430

Lee Williams (Cons) 761

Cradley Heath and Old Hill: (Lab hold)

Paul Connor (Green) 175

Robert Johns (Lib) 86

Balhar Ramewal (Cons) 349

Simon Roberts (Ukip) 487

Ann Shackleton (Lab)* 1,149

Friar Park: (Lab hold)

Colin Rankine (Yeshua) 76

Karen Simms (Lab)* 719

Wayne Trinder (Indep) 562

Bob Willetts (Cons) 250

Great Barr with Yew Tree: (Lab hold)

Lorraine Binsley (FB) 344

Gurdesh Gill (Lab)* 1,254

Shirley Hosell (Indep) 340

Paul Kearns (Cons) 465

Stephen Pimm (Lib) 144

Daniela Waugh (Green) 120

Great Bridge: (Lab hold)

Pete Allen (Lab)* 1,156

Stuart Bate (Cons) 432

Greets Green and Lyng: (Lab hold)

Fiona Pitt (Green) 249

Jackie Taylor (Lab)* 1,684

Judith Willetts (Cons) 344

Hateley Heath: (Lab hold)

Kay Millar (Lab) 1,575

John Stockall (Cons) 508

Langley: (Lab hold)

Yvonne Davies (Lab)* 1,221

Frederic Lacroix (Green) 365

Archer Williams (Cons) 442

Newton: (Lab hold)

Dave Hosell (Indep) 512

Stephen Latham (FB) 131

Richard McVittie (Lab)* 817

Bertram Richards (Lib) 333

Hannah Valenzuela (Green) 100

Pauline Williams (Cons) 328

Old Warley: (Lab hold)

Jason Dickens (BCP) 315

Richard Jones (Lab)* 979

Samantha Lyster (Green) 199

Bryan Manley-Green (Lib) 154

Jeffrey Regha (Cons) 516

Oldbury: (Lab hold)

Suzanne Hartwell (Lab)* 1,759

Skerntian Keri (Cons) 364

Jody Waugh (Green) 219

Princes End: (Lab hold)

Paul Blundell (Ukip) 426

Scott Chapman (Cons) 302

Stephen Jones (Lab)* 599

James Marsh (Indep) 193

Rowley: (Lab hold)

Shaheen Akhtar (Lab)* 759

Heather Allen (Green) 246

Paul Rudge (Indep) 533

Satpal Singh (Cons) 457

Smethwick: (Lab hold)

Stephanie Buckman (Green) 365

Colin Clark (Cons) 344

Manjit Gill (Lab)* 1,836

Soho and Victoria: (Lab hold)

Robert Buckman (Green) 298

Zahir Hussain (Lab)* 2,285

Suki Nandra (Cons) 267

St Paul’s: (Lab hold)

Zahoor Ahmed (Lab)* 2,721

Mohammad Hussain (Cons) 319

Fabienne Ottridge (Green) 266

Tipton Green: (Lab hold)

Richard Jeffcoat (Green) 563

Syeda Khatun (Lab)* 1,405

Sam Wilkes (Cons) 435

Tividale: (Lab hold)

Lorraine Ashman (Lab)* 1,051

Narinder Garcha (Cons) 446

Keir Williams (Green) 437

Wednesbury North: (Lab hold)

Elaine Costigan (Lab)* 1,436

Darryl Magher (FB) 401

Mark Redding (Green) 156

Steve Simcox (Cons) 311

Wednesbury South: (Lab hold)

Lynn Chawner (Indep) 590

Olwen Jones (Lab)* 1,243

Keith Lawley (Cons) 405

West Bromwich Central: (Lab hold)

Elizabeth Brown (Cons) 516

Bawa Dhallu (Lab)* 1,963

Ryan Ottridge (Green) 274

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