Election 2021: Full list of candidates standing for Dudley Council

The full list of candidates running in this year's local election for Dudley Council. A total of 24 wards are being contested.

There are 26 seats in 24 wards up for grabs in this year's election for Dudley Council.

Back in 2016, when they were last contested, Labour won 14 with 10 going to the Conservatives and one to Ukip.

In recent years the Conservatives and Labour have been virtually neck and neck when it comes to representation on the council.

Currently the Tories run a minority administration, with 32 councillors compared to Labour's 35.

The two remaining councillors are independents, while three seats are vacant.

The two wards with two seats available in this year's election are Belle Vale and Kingswinford North & Wall Heath.

Full list of 2021 candidates

  • Amblecote: Ellen Cobb (Lab)*, Ian Flynn (Lib Dem), Adrian Mabe (Green), Kamran Razzaq (Cons), Jake Woodley (Indep)

  • Belle Vale (two seats): Daniel Bevan (Cons)*, Peter Dobb (Cons), Bill McComish (Green), Marjorie Pounder (Lib Dem), Savannah Southorn (Lab), Andrew Tromans (Lab)

  • Brierley Hill: Clare Bramall (Lib Dem), Trevor Bunn (Reform UK), Serena Craigie (Lab)*, Adam Davies (Cons)

  • Brockmoor & Pensnett: Rebbekah Collins (Cons), Steve Edwards (BCP), John Martin (Lab)*

  • Castle & Priory: Margaret Aston (Lab)*, Liz Tilly (Lib Dem), Mark Webb (Cons)

  • Coseley East: Lynette Corfield (Cons), Sue Ridney (Lab)*, Helen Wimlett (Ukip)

  • Cradley & Wollescote: Natalie Neale (Cons), Gaye Partridge (Lab)*, Ryan Priest (Lib Dem), Sarah Smith (BCP)

  • Gornal: Marian Howard (Lab), Mollie Priest (Lib Dem), David Stanley (Cons)*, Stuart Turner (SDP), Phil Wimlett (Ukip)

  • Halesowen North: Hilary Bills (Lab)*, Stuart Henley (Cons), Andrew McKay (Lib Dem)

  • Halesowen South: Derek Campbell (Lib Dem), Nick Gregory (BCP), Donella Russell (Lab), David Vickers (Cons)*, James Windridge (Green)

  • Hayley Green & Cradley South: Tony Barnsley (Lab), Ruth Buttery (Cons)*, John Payne (Green), Ethan Stafford (Lib Dem)

  • Kingswinford North & Wall Heath (two seats): Phil Atkins (Cons), Richard Lloyd (Lab)*, Shaz Saleem (Cons), David Sheppard (Lib Dem), Adam Woodhall (Lab)

  • Kingswinford South: Elizabeth Geeves (Lib Dem), Luke Johnson (Cons)*, Daniel Round (Lab)

  • Lye & Stourbridge North: Dave Borley (Cons), Gary Farmer (Libertarian), Abdul Qadus (Lib Dem), Maz Qari (Lab)*, Lawrence Rowlett (Green)

  • Netherton Woodside & St Andrew’s: Helen Betts-Patel (Lab)*, Damian Corfield (Cons), Tracey Gregg (Lib Dem), Alexander Wright (Green)

  • Norton: Pam Archer (Green), Christopher Bramall (Lib Dem), Laura Taylor (Cons)*, Paul White (Lab), Tim Woodley (Indep)

  • Pedmore & Stourbridge East: James Clinton (Cons)*, Simon Hanson (Lib Dem), Catherine Maguire (Green), Rachel Tudor (Lab), Glen Wilson (BCP)

  • Quarry Bank & Dudley Wood: Rob Clinton (Cons), Richard Priest (Lib Dem), Brian Roe (Lab)*, Jason Sprintall (Green)

  • Sedgley: Steve Beardsmore (Lab), Martin Day (Libertarian), Michael Evans (Cons)*

  • St James’s: Asif Ahmed (Lab)*, Alison Miller (Lib Dem), Wayne Sullivan (Cons)

  • St Thomas’s: Shaukat Ali (Lab)*, Nicola Fisher (TUSC), Sajid Hanif (Cons), Sofie Harris (Lib Dem)

  • Upper Gornal & Woodsetton: Keiran Casey (Lab)*, Rich Colley (Ukip), Andy Griffin (Reform UK), Benjamin Perry (Lib Dem), Mark Westwood (Cons)

  • Wollaston & Stourbridge Town: Jonathan Bramall (Lib Dem), Cat Eccles (Lab), Alan Hopwood (Cons)*, Maxim Lowe (BCP), Andi Mohr (Green)

  • Wordsley: Muhammad Ikhlaq (Lab), Kerry Lewis (Cons) *won seat as Ukip, Elaine Sheppard (Lib Dem), Jennifer Slater-Reid (Green)

*Denotes party that won seat in 2016

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