Wolves in Austria: Nathan Judah and Tim Spiers' Day 8 diary

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It's never a nice feeling waking up and realising last night was not just a bad dream.

Forest Nuno is a hard man to catch!

TS: Having shared an apartment with you for eight nights, I concur.

But unfortunately for us, our car was still stranded at Hotel Plankenhof in the town of Pil.

However, we were to meet a 'middle man' at the hotel with the promise of solving the issue.

So another taxi and another 45 euros down the drain, we met our Ford Fiesta in the hotel parking lot, looking just as sad as the night before.

Help is at hand....we thought!

TS: It's hard to envisage a car looking sad, but drooping pitifully to one side as our poorly Tour Wagon was, I have to agree.

The mechanic that eventually arrived 90 minutes late proceeded to blow air into the tyre, caress the rubber and declare that we needed a new wheel - 'No s**t Sherlock!'

TS: The guy literally treated this tyre in the manner I'd expect Nigel Havers to treat a woman. He gently, purposefully stroked it with his soft yet manly hands trying to find the sweet spot.


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But did he have a new tyre? Of course he didn't. And his suggestion of getting another hire company to tow the car all the way back to Innsbruck, charge us for the call out, pick up another car and to pay again for a new tyre did not have us jumping for joy.


I could see the smoke starting to come out of Spiers' ears.

TS: I was even angrier than Judah after having a video of his inept driving skills posted on Twitter...

Instead, we decided to follow him to the local Ford garage and fork out for a new tyre ourselves that would see us through the next few days.

Finally someone knows what they are doing

'Tomorrow,' we were told at the earliest from the garage, so our last hope was a yard across the road that we just about managed to roll the car to....thankfully the fitter did us proud.

So totalling last night and this morning, it took us 14 hours to fix one tyre and 150 euros in total - wow!

A proud father

Big shout out to Hotel Plankenhof who housed us through the whole ordeal while showering us with coffee and unlimited pretzels. They also were kind enough to lend us their back garden for filming.

Today we analysed the players that had not stood out from the crowd on this tour and perhaps needed a big game to catch the eye of Nuno.

Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah's Wolves update - July 17

Thankfully we made training and Tim even managed to sneak in a cheeky interview with Roderick Miranda.

TS: Always love to get an interview with a new signing but if their English isn't great it's not always possible (often the case in the last 12 months). However Miranda was courteous enough to give up a few minutes of his time and did great. Hopefully everyone enjoys reading it today.

The Only Fools and Horses quips were aplenty, but this was the best one by far.

I've thoroughly enjoyed watching training this trip. The players are not just well organised during a game, the practices are as clean, crisp and decisive as they come.

Everything is planned out meticulously and it's showing in both the performance and results.

As I've said on Twitter, Nuno is very much hands on and leads from the front in training.

The boys are well drilled

No other coaches are on the pitch. He's front and centre taking responsibility - not talking with his number two on the sidelines while getting others to take the session - I like that.

He exudes confidence and I think that's exactly how this Wolves team are playing at this moment in time.

It would just be nice to get an interview with the man! He's been elusive so far, but we remain confident we'll get our man before we leave Austria!

The evening consisted of podcast planning for Wednesday over a couple of glasses of red and some delicious Austrian fare.

We started looking back at the trip as a whole, but still plenty more to look forward too and a very very busy day (later this afternoon) as FK Jablonec face Wolves in Schwaz.

I'm not cleaning it up

Don't worry, there was still time for me to drop all my oatmeal over the floor at 11.30pm....anyone got a dustpan and brush?

Because there's not one here!

TS: You could always try and blow it away with that fan you bought on day three that you haven't even taken out of the box yet...

Nathan Judah

By Nathan Judah

Digital Sports Editor for the Express & Star and Shropshire Star


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