Wolves in Austria: Nathan Judah and Tim Spiers' Day 4 diary

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The morning after the night before is often full of regret, remorse and shame.

This guy deserves a medal (@wolfgravy)

TS: Just to add a disclaimer, nothing of that sort has happened this week.

But there was no alka-seltzer needed on this occasion, Wolves DID beat Werder Bremen - and pretty comfortably despite the 1-0 scoreline.

Bit colder this morning in Schlitters, but a nicer temperature for a morning run. Different route this time but same outcome re. stunning scenery and general happiness.

My run became sinister

Although when I approached some very tall crops in a certain field, my mind flooded back to Spiers a couple of nights ago and that dreaded horror pose in the dark.

This was more Jeepers Creepers or Children of the Corn IV.

Once back and refuelled it was over to the Wolves team hotel where those poor little souls had been rewarded for their excellent win by a double session training day. Oh what a life it is!

Mr Spiers got some quality time with man of the moment Jack Price who Nuno seems to have taken a shine too in these early days.


The bearded wonder with Mr Spiers

Whether or not he becomes a regular this season remains to be seen, but he definitely caught the eye against Bremen.

TS: Jack very rarely gives interviews but you wouldn't know it when speaking to him - he's articulate and opinionated, which is everything you want from an interviewee. It certainly looks like he's mounting yet another Wolves comeback - he's been in and out of the team more often than Judah's been in and out of a tanning salon. Anyway the interview will be available online shortly, enjoy.

A few people on social media have questioned Tim's ripped jean shorts...but I think they look quite good...if it were 1982.


TS: Right okay anyone who wears Where's Wally pyjamas every night of the week and owns four - yes FOUR - duplicates of the same bloody Roger Federer cap has absolutely nothing to say when it comes to fashion. Per-lease.

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Many of you will be aware of a certain daily video we put together during the afternoon.

Because we were running out of time before training, the filming location was a little rushed on this occasion.

Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah's Wolves update - July 13

But we still found a nice stream and beautiful apple trees with cascading mountains in the background.

TS: You're not describing the small group of three trees as an orchard anymore then?

What we didn't realise is that we were in someone else's back garden and the sign directly above us said some mean words in German.

Answers on a postcard as to what this means...doesn't look good though

Oblivious to this we soldiered on until mid-sentence I caught a glimpse of a rather disgruntled older man with a pitching fork in his hand - I Schlitters you not!

With one giggle, chaos ensued and there was no comeback. Myself and Mr Spiers pride ourselves at getting the business done in one take (filming video..actually that opens a bigger can of worms).

Wolves in Austria: Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah bloopers

Eight takes later, there was enough content for a ten-minute analysis piece and three minutes of blooper out-takes.

Time was starting to get on and shops were starting to close, so were were delighted to find our first ever 'InterSpar,' basically a super galactic amazing Spar from another dimension.

However the downside were the prices that also seemed to be in another galaxy - I somehow managed to spend €120.

How much????

TS: Spar has basically taken over Austria. Like in England with Tesco, you can't drive two miles without seeing one. They're even more frequent than Judah over-exaggerating something.

Tim Ramsay here was nailing the fillet steak with rosti in a blue cheese sauce!

As I said in an earlier entry, I'd join forces with Spiers one evening...this was not one of them - I had sushi.

The kid's been watching way too much Saturday Kitchen

Another long rewarding day, but the Wolves business is never done. The club sleep for no one as Tim received a secret call with the news Jon 'woo woo woo woo' Bodvarsson was moving to Reading.

Sad to see the boy go and even sadder that my diary had not been started by 11.30pm.

TS: I'll echo that on The Dadi...really sorry that he won't be staying as he's a top, top bloke who gave everything last season despite being absolutely knackered. He's got so much to offer in terms of physicality and link-up play. Oh well, c'est la vie. The Twitter reaction was pretty split but most seemed in favour of keeping him. Talking of Twitter, we were sent the most ridiculously good picture from @WolfGravy....he's absolutely nailed us there.

This guy deserves a medal (@wolfgravy)

Yep, I thought the sugar packet was clever yesterday, but this is a different level of effort...AMAZING!

Could be a shorter diary entry tomorrow as I'll be stuck in the hotel all day editing...but look out for a new podcast!

Potential of a first beer later this evening...but the way it's gone so far, it will probably be a glass of soya milk and a protein bar.

This diary entry was dedicated to Jon Dadi Bodvarsson.

Nathan Judah

By Nathan Judah

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