Wolves in Austria: Nathan Judah and Tim Spiers' Day 7 diary

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Late finish following the Viktoria Plzen win thankfully allowed for a calmer Sunday - oh how we were mistaken.

Daily video chat with Spiers

Obligatory run to start off the morning, a lovely seven-mile jaunt today, you cannot get bored of the stunning scenery here.

On the way through the forest I spotted the original location of the Plzen game.

Anyone got a lawnmower?

Think it's fair to say that was a smart change of venue from Wolves.

On my return, I noticed that our next door neighbour was at it again with that grass!

The robot had been mowing constantly for five days now, but she still felt the need to be using scissors for the lawn! Yes scissors!

Just give it a rest!

Not quite sure if this is voyeurism, but I fully expect to see the couple at the Chelsea Flower Show next year.


The players might have had an afternoon off, but no rest for the wicked at the Express & Star as myself and Spiers had plenty of work to do and had to head out in search of wifi speed and coffee.

Both were plentiful, making our job far easier than with the flawed 4G in Schlitters.

Vid today was more of an overview of the last two games and an analysis of exactly where Wolves still need to strengthen.

Tim Spiers and Nathan Judah Wolves in Austria update - July 16


It's been very interesting to see how Nuno has taken this squad by the scruff of the neck. He definitely commands a respect factor wherever he goes and I think the players have fully bought into his new methods.

The lads seem confident and determined to prove their worth and the style we have seen so far bodes very well for the future.

A little bit of down time this evening was most welcome, especially after seeing Roger win Wimbledon for an 8th time! What a man, what a legend!

TS: Are you going to buy a fifth RF cap to mark his victory? I think you could do with another in case of an emergency. Plus you never know when Bros might show up, they may want to borrow a couple.

Was a nice surprise bumping into the players in the neighbouring village Schwaz.

There have been some very very good photoshops this trip - and also some shockers!

Best effort of the day goes to @AnnoDomini79 for this excellent effort.

We were very excited to get out of the apartment and go for a meal, however Sunday in Austria means complete shut down!

No cafes, no shops and only the odd kebab house was open.

TS: As tempted as I am to take you to your first ever kebab house I'm not sure you could handle it. After all, you're the kind of guy that turns his nose up at Waitrose. By the way are you not going to mention the fact I cleaned the whole kitchen this morning? This is basically domestic bliss. It's The Likely Lads but with more humour.

So we went to the nearest hotel (Hotel Plankenhof) and that's where the 'fun' started.

Long story short, Spiers realised very quickly into the journey we had a flat tyre.

One too many kerbs for Mr Spiers

When I got out to investigate, our worst fears were confirmed.

I don't know how we travelled the 4km up the hill, but we managed to get to the hotel.

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As I sipped on a local red wine at the bar, Mr Spiers quickly realised that not only was there no spare tyre in the boot, the company's 24-hour emergency hotline apparently closed at 6pm on a Sunday!

Still we enjoyed our food. Tim chose a delicious Game of Thrones themed skewer that wouldn't have looked out of place in Kings Landing.

A meal fit for a king

Our only alternative was to leave the car overnight, address the situation in the morning and get a cab home.

What we didn't prepare ourselves for was the taxi driver who was attempting to audition for Fast and Furious 14 whilst texting the whole way back to Schlitters!

TS: You could only dream of being able to drive a manual car at that speed.

Terror taxi

And to add insult to injury, the guy wanted 45 euros for a 15-min journey...45 blinking EUROS!!!

He even drove us to a cash point to withdraw more money,

It's around midnight here and we both feel dirty, cheap and used.

Please send donations to Tim and Nathan, Schlitters, Austria.

Nathan Judah

By Nathan Judah

Digital Sports Editor for the Express & Star and Shropshire Star


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