Wolves in Austria: Nathan Judah and Tim Spiers' Day 5 diary

By Nathan Judah | Wolves | Published:

Waking up in Schlitters has been a thing of beauty every morning - not today though.

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It was raining cats and dogs in the mountains, I could barely make out the local cafe that has looked after us so well during this trip.

One thing that was still functional was the crazy robotic lawnmower in the neighbours garden.

The magic mower in action

This piece of technology has to be seen to be believed, but the couple who we've been spying on throughout the week have worked the little man into the ground.

Every day that poor thing is up and down the lawn, there's no blades of grass left! And the wife was even on her hands an knees yesterday using scissors to even things out!

Is this normal behaviour?!

TS: I don't really think you're one to talk. You're a man in his 30s who wears Where's Wally? pyjamas. Every. Single. Night.

The podcast was the main task about town today! It's been a few weeks in the making... you may have noticed some new artwork thanks to a man we've paid handsomely.


It's a fresh revamp and will now exclusively be about Wolves and Wolves-only this make sure you set your notifications as I think we'll have plenty to talk about over the next few weeks.

As we got in the car to grab a quick coffee, Spiers wasn't too happy with my request to drive up to the door to pick me up...nobody wants to get wet do they?! Plus I had heels on!

TS: It was literally 20 yards away. Mind you it was a good job you weren't trying to drive that far, you'd still be trying to reverse it now.


Boys singing in the rain

Daily vid was next on the cards. Pretty easy location shoot today as we filmed from our very own balcony due to weather issues.

My attire was slightly grim reaper, but others on Twitter saw it as another photoshop opportunity. Magnificent effort from @Mr94Official here.

Coming to an iTunes near you

Lots to say though...we always end up running over our predicted time, but no bloopers on this occasion so all was well.

That was until we tried to upload it onto YouTube. All video editing has been done at the team hotel from a video point of view. Despite the more than useful wifi in our kitchen, it appears uploading to film is a non starter.

Four hours later (for an eight minute video), we finally had got the damn thing on the website.

There was even a rainbow outside celebrating the occasion.

What was at the end?

Our aim was to have some down time in Innsbruck on the night as we've been recluses for the last five days.

But Bodvarsson, Iorfa and a ground/kick-off change for Saturday's game delayed plans somewhat.

Still with most of the work done or near to completion, we were not to be defeated.

What went on next are events that are not, will not and have never been endorsed by the Express and Star.


TS: (Hic) I love you man

Love you more

TS: jfdkfnidgngnodgphjpgjhopgohxfjo#

Those are just random letters, go and drink some water

See you all tonight for the game.

Nathan Judah

By Nathan Judah

Digital Sports Editor for the Express & Star and Shropshire Star


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