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Peter Rhodes on extinct creatures, yet more AI and who packed the lager for a ruckus in London?

Curious, isn't it, how some commentators knew instinctively that the yobs who fought the cops at the Armistice Day march in London were right, far right or extreme right – without asking a single one of them for their political views? “Right” as a political term, is being redefined by some people as “anything I disapprove of”,

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Plenty to disapprove of

And there was plenty to disapprove of. The abiding images of Saturday's march are sober, well-behaved pro-Palestine demonstrators, including jolly grandads and orderly family groups, and rowdy hooligans attacking the police, some swigging lager. Seriously, in a battle for hearts and minds on such a sacred day, who decided it was a good idea to pack the Stella?


For the first time, two AI (Artificial Intelligence) devices have reportedly negotiated a legal contract successfully and “without human involvement”. It sounds like a great leap forward. However, if you've ever bought a house you may have noticed that, although the bills keep racking up, the process can drag on for months and you hear from nobody. You might assume that even if they're not using AI, the process is “without human involvement”.

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