Cannock Chase local election results: Labour clings on to power

The Conservatives made gains in Cannock Chase but it was not enough to overthrow Labour, who stay in power with a majority of one.

Labour leader George Adamson watches on nervously at Cannock Civic Centre
Labour leader George Adamson watches on nervously at Cannock Civic Centre

Labour now has 21 of the council's 41 seats, while the Tories are left with 15 and the Greens three after the party won in Rawnsley. There is one independent and one Lib Dem councillor.

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Council leader George Adamson said: "We are pleased. We have kept our control and we are very grateful for the people who voted.

"We shall continue expanding our leisure facilities in the area and build a car park at Bradbury Lane like we promised. We are going to keep our council taxes as low as possible."

Ballot boxes arrive at Cannock Civic Centre

Opposition leader Paul Snape said: "We're disappointed the council is still in Labour's hands but we are pleased with the work put in by everybody.

"We have taken some more seats. The average age of the party has come down. We have three councillors that are under 30.

"We're hoping people see we have younger councillors and can be a party for young people."

The Green Party's Paul Woodhead was pleased his party won Rawnsley

Tory Cannock Chase MP Amanda Milling added: "It has been a good night. I am really pleased with the hard work of the candidates. We have had some good wins and have held Cannock West."

Meanwhile Paul Woodhead, leader of the local Green Party, said: "It was all quite positive. We got the one we wanted to win in Rawnsley.

"It is good they have a councillor that lives and works in the area. This gives us something more to build on."

Cannock Chase District Council - full results

  • What happened: The Conservatives gained four seats, the Greens gained one and UKIP lost its only seat.

  • Political make-up: Labour control (Lab - 21; Cons - 15; Green - 3; Lib Dem - 1; Indep - 1)

  • Turnout: 28%

  • * Party previously holding seat

Brereton and Ravenhill (Lib Dem hold)

Paul Fisher (Lib Dem)* – 614

Lorraine Northway (Cons) – 404

Jaqueline Prestwood (Lab) – 449

Sarah Thomas-Dean (UKIP) – 80

Cannock East (Lab hold)

Arlette Carmichael (Green) – 68

Muriel Davis (Lab)* – 680

Mick Howes (UKIP) – 109

Johnny McMahon (Cons) – 505

Cannock North (Lab hold)

Frank Allen (Lab)* – 791

Peter Kruskonjic (Cons) – 364

Jodie Winter (Green) – 118

Cannock South (Lab hold)

John Dawkins (Cons) – 575

Scarlett Ward (Green) – 89

Kev Whittaker (UKIP) – 123

Paul Witton (Lab)* – 679

Cannock West (Cons hold)

Edmund Frondigoun (Lab) – 462

Maire Smith (Green) – 128

Hyra Sutton (Cons)* – 1,335

Etching Hill and The Heath (Cons gain)

Pat Ansell (Lib Dem) – 153

Michael Sheridan (Green) – 110

Paul Startin (Cons)* – 797

Jeffrey Winter (Lab) – 379

Hawks Green (Cons gain)

Eloise Cropp (Green) – 86

Phil Hewitt (Cons)* – 727

Josh Mills (Lab) – 344

Dave Percox (UKIP) – 74

Heath Hayes East and Wimblebury (Cons gain)

Kenny Beardmore (Green) – 76

Les Bullock (Lab) – 445

Martyn Buttery (Cons) – 512

Dave Morris (UKIP)* – 132

Hednesford Green Heath (Lab hold)

George Adamson (Lab)* – 591

Marg Dean (UKIP) – 31

Bryan Jones (Cons) – 519

Andrea Muckley (Green) – 68

Ronald Turville (Indep) – 29

Hednesford North (Lab hold)

Sheila Cartwright (Lab)* – 635

Mandy Dunnett (Green) – 274

Wendy Yates (Cons) – 472

Norton Canes (Lab hold)

Adrienne Fitzgerald (Cons) – 747

John Preece (Lab)* – 960

Glen Tapper (Green) – 72

Rawnsley (Green gain)

Aaron Bate (Lab) – 329

Mick Jackson (UKIP)* – 59

Val Jones (Cons) – 439

Claire Wilkinson (Green) – 480

Western Springs (Cons gain)

Ken Ansell (Lib Dem) – 50

Kieran Green (Lab) – 368

Mick Grocott (Indep)* – 362

Olivia Lyons (Cons) – 839

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