Wolverhampton local election results: Labour increases majority

In Wolverhampton Labour strengthened its already strong grip on the city council.

Labour candidate Beverley Momenabadi celebrates winning in Ettingshall
Labour candidate Beverley Momenabadi celebrates winning in Ettingshall

The party took Spring Vale ward, after UKIP councillor and former mayor Malcolm Gwinnett stood down, and also gained Penn off the Conservatives, meaning Labour has 51 seats to the Conservatives' nine.

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No other parties are represented on the authority and there are no independent councillors.

Asha Mattu, the widow of the late Mayor Councillor Elias Mattu, successfully won his seat in Graiseley.

Asha Mattu, wife of former mayor Elias Mattu, smiles with her children after winning in Graiseley

Meanwhile Barbara McGarrity, mother of Blue Beter presenter Radzi Chinyanganya, was elected to the Spring Vale ward.

Council leader Roger Lawrence, said: “It’s got to be a good night for us. We made two gains and held every seat we defended.

“The Conservatives are in a bit of a mess. They don’t have many members and Windrush has certainly not helped them, or the apparent disunity in the Conservative party nationally.

Radzi Chinyanganya, left, with his mother, newly-elected councillor Barbara McGarrity, right

“I’m getting a lot of very talented new members with a lot of experience working in the community and I’m optimistic we will bond together to make a strong political group for the future.”

Opposition Tory leader Wendy Thompson said her party’s disappointing performance was ‘affected by selecting some candidates quite late’.

City MP Emma Reynolds at the Wolverhampton count

She said: “There’s a saying: You can’t fatten a pig on market day.

“Some of these very small margins would have turned to our advantage if we had selected earlier.

"Where there was good planning and good organisation, we did well, such as Merry Hill where we increased our majority.

Councillor Phil Page

“It shows the importance of councillors being representatives of their community.

“Next year we will work harder on winning over the UKIP vote.”

Wolverhampton council results - ward by ward

  • What happened: Labour gained two seats to increase its majority.

  • Political make-up: Labour control (Lab – 51; Cons – 9)

  • Turnout: 28 per cent

  • * Party previously holding seat

Bilston East (Lab hold)

Tom Fellows (UKIP) – 290

Stephen Simkins (Lab)* – 1,327

Gillian Timms (Cons) – 423

Bilston North (Lab hold)

Terry Hancox (Green) – 110

Simon Hibell (Cons) – 547

Phil Page (Lab)* – 1,333

Blakenhall (Lab hold)

Sera Aulakh (Cons) – 838

Patrick Bentley (Lib Dem) – 168

Jasbinder Dehar (Lab)* – 2,105

Bushbury North (Lab hold)

Alan Butt (Lab)* – 1,143

Carole Jenkins (Lib Dem) – 96

Neville Patten (Cons) – 1,079

Michelle Webster (Green) – 96

Bushbury South & Low Hill (Lab hold)

Alan Bamber (Lib Dem) – 113

Jennifer Brewer (Cons) – 431

Paul Sweet (Lab)* – 1,278

East Park (Lab hold)

Steve Hall (Indep) – 249

Keith Inston (Lab)* – 1,208

Suria Photay (Cons) – 353

Ettingshall (Lab hold)

Adam Ansari (Cons) – 398

Beverley Momenabadi (Lab)* – 2,306

David Murray (Lib Dem) – 200

Fallings Park (Lab hold)

Steve Evans (Lab)* – 1,247

Josh Moreton (Cons) – 639

Peter Nixon (Lib Dem) – 122

Graiseley (two seats – both Lab hold)

Kathryn Ball (Lib Dem) – 187

Amy Bertaut (Green) – 232

Kamran Khan (Cons) – 717

Bryan Lewis (Lib Dem) – 156

Asha Mattu (Lab)* – 1,926

Safyaan Salim (Cons) – 619

Jacqueline Sweetman (Lab)* – 1,775

Heath Town (Lab hold)

Caroline Siarkiewcz (Lab) – 1,154

Fortune Sibanda (Cons) – 584

Merry Hill (Cons hold)

Simon Bennett (Cons)* – 1,622

Wayne O’Brien (Lab) – 1,299

Nirmal Singh (Lib Dem) – 125

Oxley (two seats – both Lab hold)

Leyla Abbes (Liberal Democrat) – 190

Ian Jenkins (Liberal Democrat) – 272

Andrew McNeil (Cons) – 771

Sue Roberts (Lab)* – 1,221

Zahid Shah (Cons) – 585

Clare Simm (Lab) – 1,105

Helen Tudor (Green) – 155

Park (Lab hold)

David Belcher (Green) – 192

Craig Collingswood (Lab)* – 1,745

Nick Machnik-Foster (Lib Dem) – 168

Dan Preston (Cons) – 711

Penn (Lab gain)

Celia Hibbert (Lab) – 1,823

Peter Hollis (Lib Dem) – 173

David MacKintosh (Cons)* – 1,802

Spring Vale (Lab gain)

Ajaz Ali (Cons) – 665

Barbara McGarrity (Lab) – 1,469

St Peter’s (Lab hold)

Obaida Ahmed (Lab)* – 1,717

Natasha Allmark (Lib Dem) – 94

Rachel Arnold (Green) – 145

Mahammed Sohaib (Cons) – 356

Tettenhall Regis (Cons hold)

Julian Donald (Lib Dem)– 220

Sohail Khan (Cons)* – 1,588

Chester Morrison (Lab) – 1,120

Clive Wood (Green) – 120

Tettenhall Wightwick (Cons hold)

Andrea Cantrill (Green) – 160

Yaseen Khan (Lab) – 732

David Marsh (Lib Dem) – 153

Jane Stevenson (Cons)* – 2,373

Wednesfield North (Lab hold)

Mary Bateman (Lab)* – 1,242

Lee Harris (Green) – 67

David Hunt (Cons) – 749

Eddie Szwarc (UKIP) – 231

Wednesfield South (Lab hold)

Greg Brackenridge (Lab)* – 1,466

Ranjit Dhillon (Cons) – 974

Zak Roche (Green) – 141

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