Sandwell local election results: Opposition to Labour almost wiped out

There were no surprises in Sandwell, as Labour ended the night with 70 of the authority's 72 seats.

It was all smiles for Labour at the count at Tipton Sports Academy
It was all smiles for Labour at the count at Tipton Sports Academy

Labour gained four independent seats, meaning just two independent councillors are left in opposition.

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Sandwell council leader Steve Eling hailed a ‘really good result for Labour and said: “It is a clear vindication of our agenda and the policies that we are offering to the people of Sandwell – policies that we are already delivering and that they can trust us to deliver.”

Jan Britton, chief executive of the council, speaks at the Sandwell count
Councillor Mahboob Hussain, who is suspended by the Labour Party, was at the count

Sandwell's Conservative chairman Scott Chapman said: "Ultimately our aim in Sandwell is a long-term plan, a long-term project and our aim is to win some seats in the future.

"The vote share tonight has been increased for ourselves so it is looking good and it is looking positive for the future.

Labour's Luke Giles, who held his Wednesbury North seat

"What we have to remember is Sandwell is a very strong Labour area so some areas people are voting Labour - we have found good pockets of support in a lot of the wards and it is just up to us to take advantage of that and make sure we get those people out to vote for us in the future.

The Conservatives have no seats on Sandwell Council

"We will go through a post-mortem and have a look, review our candidate sand review the performance of the candidates and just take it from there.

"Hopefully we can persuade the electorate in 2019 to give us one or two of councillors back."

Sandwell Council results - ward by ward

  • What happened: Labour strengthened its already water-tight grip, gaining four seats.

  • Political make-up: Labour control (Lab – 70; Indep – 2)

  • Turnout: 27.5%

  • * Party previously holding seat

Abbey (Lab hold)

Michael Allen (Green) – 391

Richard Kemp (Cons) – 411

Bob Piper (Lab)* – 2,223

Blackheath (Lab hold)

Bob Dunn (Cons) – 984

Danny Millard (Lab)* – 1,079

Aldo Mussi (Green) – 100

Bristnall (Lab hold)

Shirley Ching (Cons) – 696

John Macefield (Green) – 341

Rajbir Singh (Lab) – 1,342

Charlemont and Grove Vale (Lab hold)

Sam Harding (For Britain) – 135

Graham Nock (UKIP) – 115

Sue Phillips (Lab)* – 1,335

Lee Williams (Cons) – 1,027

Cradley Heath and Old Hill (Lab hold)

Paul Connor (Green) –

Robert Johns (Lib Dem)

Balhar Singh (Cons)

Julie Webb (Lab)*

Friar Park (Lab hold)

Simon Hackett (Lab)* – 1,445

Keith Lawley (Cons) – 351

Colin Rankine (Yeshua) – 74

Great Barr with Yew Tree (Lab hold)

David Fisher (Indep) – 244

Darryl Magher (For Britain) – 258

Steve Melia (Lab)* – 1,700

Suki Nandra (Cons) – 641

Daniela Waugh Hroncova – 73

Great Bridge (Lab hold)

Stuart Bate (Cons) – 586

Joanne Hadley (Lab)* – 1,229

Greets Green and Lyng (two seats – Lab gain; Lab hold)

Elizabeth Brown (Cons) – 500

Frederic Lacroix (Green) – 149

Iqbal Padda (Lab) – 1,951

Jackie Taylor (Lab)* – 1,673

Judith Willetts (Cons) – 336

Hateley Heath (Lab hold)

Paul Kearns (Cons) – 506

Paul Moore (Lab)* – 1,932

Langley (Lab hold)

Bill Gavan (Lab)* – 1,394

Stephen Gilbert (Cons) – 570

Robert Taberner (Green) – 161

Newton (Lab hold)

Keith Allcock (Lab)* – 1,581

Steve Latham (For Britain) – 256

Robert Willetts (Cons) – 667

Old Warley (Lab hold)

Bryan Manley-Green (Lib Dem) – 183

John McHard (Cons) – 810

Steve Trow (Lab)* – 1,521

Oldbury (Lab hold)

Mushtaq Hussain (Lab)* – 1,908

Keith Vaughan (Cons) – 662

Jody Waugh (Green) – 224

Princes End (Lab gain)

Jenny Chidley (Lab) – 733

James Marsh (Indep) – 267

Steve Simcox (Cons) – 503

Rowley (Lab hold)

Susan O’Dell (Green) – 163

Satpal Singh (Cons) – 663

Chris Tranter (Lab)* – 1,193

Smethwick (Lab hold)

Wasim Ali (Lab)* – 2,095

Stephanie Buckman (Green) – 271

Colin Clark (Cons) – 562

Soho and Victoria (Lab hold)

Robert Buckman (Green) – 241

Daniel Mathias (Cons) – 352

Mohammad Rouf (Lab)* – 2,889

St Paul’s (two seats – Lab hold; Lab gain)

Samiya Akhter (Lab) – 2,682

Babu Bawa (Lab)* – 2,580

Narinder Garcha (Cons) – 526

Sakhawat Hussain (Cons) – 550

Fabienne Ottridge (Green) – 166

Tipton Green (Lab hold)

Donald Griffiths (Cons) – 867

Yaseen Hussain (Lab)* – 1,858

Tividale (Lab hold)

Sandra Hevican (Lab)* – 1,137

John Stockall (Cons) – 637

Keir Williams (Green) – 226

Wednesbury North (Lab hold)

Scott Chapman (Cons) – 657

Luke Giles (Lab)* – 1,372

Mark Redding (Green) – 120

Wednesbury South (Lab hold)

Bob Lloyd (Lab)* – 1,566

Michael Middleton (Cons) – 807

West Bromwich Central (Lab hold)

Ryan Ottridge (Green) – 176

Mohinder Singh Tagger (Lab)* – 2,124

Pauline Williams (Cons) – 626

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