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Star comment: HS2 leaves nasty taste in the mouth

Just as the green light is given to HS2, the full effect it will have on residents is coming to light.


Lengthy documents released in the past few weeks reveal the sheer scale of the project from towering viaducts, huge increases in traffic, and golf courses and beauty spots left devastated.

The true impact wont be fully appreciated until construction starts.

There are many towns and villages not on the route of the proposed railway line which will find they have to live with the consequences of building HS2.

We have great reservations about this scheme and every sympathy with those affected.

It is widely expected the £55.7 billion price tag will spiral to more than £100bn over the course of the project.

HS2 may well prove the doubters wrong and turn out to be the shining legacy David Cameron hoped for.

But for many it will always leave a nasty taste in the mouth.