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Staffordshire-based schools are being handed a sustainability lifeline

Staffordshire schools struggling to meet Carbon Zero targets are being handed a lifeline by county-based experts that could save them thousands of pounds.

Joe Basketts, far left, with St Bart's MAT and Priory Academy. Photo: Joe Basketts

With schools under pressure across the board, Satori Education, which is headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent, alongside its parent company GivEnergy, is keen to offer a helping hand to busy school leaders and give something back to their community.

It’s with these goals at the forefront, it is offering places on its unique, accredited Carbon Literacy Training at a special rate just for schools across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire.

The aim is to open up wider access to the course that has a proven track record in helping schools to cut costs and pave the way to get them on track to hit NetZero targets.

Schools and multi-academy-trusts that have already completed the training have revealed that it’s helped them saved them thousands of pounds - with one MAT even revealing it’s saved over £6k in less than six months.

Stoke-on-Trent MAT St Bart's in Longton is one of the many MATs across Staffordshire and the wider UK, that’s completed the course, which is the only UK training course of its kind that is accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project.

Julie Rowlandson, the sustainability officer at St Bart's MAT, said: “Satori Education's Carbon Literacy training gave me the kind of specific tasks that I needed to do to get the ball rolling in terms of the starting points and specific priorities.

“It really helped with developing the action plan and developing the strategy of what to do in Year 1, how to develop that in Year 2 and how to build on that in Year 3.”

She added: “It gave me really specific guidelines in terms of changing user behaviours too and we’ve saved about £6.5k over five months as a direct result of doing our out of hours energy monitoring for example.

“So Satori Education’s support has definitely been really, really useful.”

Training is unlocking opportunities to drive down schools’ carbon footprint

Phil Korbel, co-founder and director of advocacy at The Carbon Literacy Project, said: “Gone are the days when a school's 'sustainability' can be driven by the one enthusiast in the common room.

“Unlocking the opportunities to enrich the curriculum and drive down a school's footprint through a system-wide approach can only optimised if leadership teams are bought in.

“This starts with a foundation of comprehension and empowerment such as that delivered by Satori Education's Carbon Literacy Training."

Satori Education, which was founded by Stone-based entrepreneur Joe Basketts and is now proud to be part of GivEnergy’s daughter company GivEducation, is now booking places on its September 27 and November 14 Carbon Literacy Training courses.

Giving back to their local community is at the heart of company’s ethos

And it is offering a 25 per cent discount to Staffordshire schools to help more educators to follow in St Bart’s footsteps.

Joe said: “With the unique challenges faced by the education sector, we really want to help relieve the pressure on schools in our local and wider Staffordshire community by equipping them with the tools to save money, be more sustainable and hit NetZero targets.

“Giving back is something that’s firmly at the heart of Satori Education’s ethos as well as our parent company’s too.

“Working with schools across the UK we know only too well that they are under increasing financial pressure, and we’d like to give them a helping hand to alleviate that stress and let them get back to doing what they do best, educating our children.”

For more and to secure your place on the next Carbon Literacy Training Courses at the offer rate before the courses sell out please visit and use the code ST25.

By Justine Halifax - Contributor

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