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Fun day brings people together and raises thousands for charity in Walsall

Members of the Ahmadi Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), the country's oldest Muslim youth association, gathered in Walsall last Saturday to organise a charity run and raise money for some very important causes.

AMYA fun day. Photo: AMYA Moaz

The annual charity run was hosted in the Arboretum Park, with food stalls, bouncy castles and other exciting games set up to raise money and entertain the local guests.

The event was extremely successful, doubling the amount of money raised the previous year to reach a total of well over £4,000. The charities amongst whom the winnings will be divided are Humanity First UK, an amazing charity that has set up a foodbank in Walsall, that builds hospitals, water wells and helps with disaster relief. The second is Fairshare, an organization dedicated to reducing food waste.

The motto of our community is "Love for All and Hatred for None" so when we see such pain and suffering occurring around the world, we believe that it is our obligation to do what we can to help. Our faith teaches us that we are bound to help those in need regardless of religion, race or any other factor upon which you can discriminate. We believe that the money raised will assist in reaching this objective and we look forward to putting on an even more successful event next year.

To find out more about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, go to If you still desire to donate you can do so at

By Athar Mirza - Contributor

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