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Muslim youth organisation gather for a weekend of prayer, sport and educational activities

Over 250 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) from the West Midlands gathered at Darul Barakat Mosque in Birmingham to come together for a weekend of prayer, sport and educational activities.

A late night bonfire following a weekend of prayer and activities. Photo: Amaddiya Muslim Youth Association

The AMYA is the UK’s oldest Muslim youth organisation and was founded on the basis that “Nations cannot be reformed without the reformation of the youth.”

This statement is a driving force behind the efforts the AMYA exerts to organise such gatherings, where an atmosphere of brotherhood is fostered and the participants not only enjoy themselves but leave feeling spiritually rejuvenated.

All of the Muslims present recited our pledge at the beginning of the proceedings and stated that: “I shall always be ready to sacrifice my life, time and honour for the sake of my faith country and nation.”

One may ponder whether the statement above is possible, whether it is possible serve both your faith and country without any conflict. However, Ahmadi Muslims believe that there is no distinction between service of one’s country and faith as the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated that: “Love for one’s country is part of faith”.

The congregation had many highlights included an outdoor assault course and a late night bonfire that kept all who participated entertained.

Imam Rawahuddin Arif, the head of AMYA in West Midlands and the Imam of Darul Barakat Mosque stated: "This was a unique opportunity for the youth to connect with each other, strength their brotherhood and focus on how they can better serve their communities."

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By Athar Mirza - Contributor

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