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Aston Villa fan outrage as Wolves derby prices slammed

Villa have been slammed for “outrageous and unaffordable” ticket pricing with some supporters having to pay more than £70 to watch this season’s derby against Wolves from the Holte End.


The price of an adult ticket in the middle of the Holte for the match on September 21 will cost £72.50 and it won’t even be the most expensive ticket in home areas of the ground.

That can be found in the centre Trinity Road and Doug Ellis Stands where a ticket in zone one will be priced at £78. The cheapest adult ticket in any home area of the stadium is priced at £55, though prices for travelling Wolves supporters will be capped at £30 as per the agreement between Premier League clubs.

Prices will be the same for the seven other top flight fixtures classed as Category A by Villa, which includes visits by the so-called Big Six and Newcastle in addition to Wolves.

The 11 other Premier League fixtures are classed Category B and are subject to significant reductions, though the cheapest price of an adult ticket for any top flight match this season is £44.50.

Villa’s matchday pricing has been criticised by the Football Supporters' Association which, in a post on social media site X, said: “Simply outrageous matchday pricing by AVFC. This is well past unaffordable.”

Villa, heavily criticised by supporters for large price increases in recent years, have put up the cost of an adult season ticket by five per cent for the 2024-25.

But fans were warned earlier this summer the relatively modest rise would be subsidised by increases to matchday prices and so it has proved.

It is also understood the cost of season tickets for juniors and senior citizens has been increased by significantly more than five per cent in some areas of the ground.

Villa, who will compete in the Champions League for the first time this season, are yet to confirm prices for the four home group stage matches in that competition.