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Shireland Collegiate Academy

Shireland Collegiate Academy, based in Smethwick and delivering educational excellence.

Education has been provided on campus for over a century. However, the introduction of the academy has allowed Shireland to blend a traditional approach to education provision with more innovative methods that closely meet the needs of young people in 21st Century Britain.

It is using this approach that has led to Shireland being ranked 'Outstanding' by Ofsted, who observed that "students are making exceptional progress because of consistently high quality teaching".

Shireland Collegiate Academy's students are given opportunities to participate in the wider culture of the academy through extracurricular activities which develop their skills. The Extended Schools Programme consists of the Duke of Edinburgh, the annual School Performance and various competitions.

Students' families are central to the ethos of the Smethwick academy, which has been awarded the LPPA (Leading Parent Partnership Award). Families are invited into the academy's close network of partners and friends so that they can play an active role in their children's learning.

The academy also has a Family Communications Manager. The Academy's Community Board allows families and local people to share their views in an inclusive forum, in order to improve performance in a focused manner designed to benefit students and local residents.

The Shireland Learning Gateway - an online community for students, families and staff - provides parents with a window into their children's classrooms.

Learning facilities are also of a very high standard, with every student in Years 7, 8 and 9 having their own netbook. There are over 600 desktop PCs, 100 laptops, iPads, iPods, Playstations and interactive whiteboards. Supported by Microsoft, Shireland is one of only a handful of academies in the UK to enjoy their confidence.

The academy also has a robust policy on e-safety, with students educated on a daily basis in how to use technological resources to supplement their learning.

Post-16 courses are available in a number of subjects, including English, Mathematics and Science.

The Shireland Teaching School Alliance is a network of leading primary and secondary schools in the Smethwick and wider West Midlands area with a range of other partners and organisations. For more information, please visit their website.

In addition, First Steps Nursery opened at Shireland Collegiate Academy in 2004 and offers a safe and caring environment for young children.

Shireland Collegiate Academy is a school in Smethwick that aims for academic excellence in all of its students. For more information, why not check their website.