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Birmingham Airport boss: 'I share passengers' anger at ridiculous queues but summer should be OK'

The boss of Birmingham Airport has said confusion over liquid rules is "absolutely ridiculous", and hopes to have problems which have led to long queues resolved before the summer holidays.

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Passengers shared photos of the queues at Birmingham Airport

Airport CEO, Nick Barton admitted he shared travellers' frustrations after travellers reported long waits to get through security before boarding their flights.

Photos and videos, often showing lines of people outside the airport terminal, have regularly been shared on social media in recent weeks.

Mr Barton said problems have been caused by a new government stipulation, with passengers not allowed to carry liquids, pastes and gels bigger than 100ml in their hand luggage.

This was despite Birmingham Airport spending £60 million to upgrade its security desks and introduce hi-tech scanners known as Next Generation Security Checkpoints (NGSC), which would have allowed passengers to carry up to two litres.

The ruling has constrained the airport's new security facility, leading to lengthy delays, as staff remind passengers only 100ml containers are allowed.

Birmingham Airport CEO Nick Barton

Asked if he understood travellers' anger, Mr Barton, said: "I don’t just understand it, I share it.