'Remember him with a smile': Tributes after Walsall teenager dies from Covid-19

Tributes have been paid to a Walsall teenager who has died after catching coronavirus - with thousands of pounds raised for his devastated family.

Cameron Wellington
Cameron Wellington

'Wrestling champ' Cameron Wellington, aged 19, died on November 19 after being put in an induced coma and having two operations.

More than £5,000 has been raised for Cameron's funeral in just two days.

Cameron, who had studied art and design at Walsall College, his father Norman and his mother Jane all tested positive for coronavirus around the same time.

Mr Wellington, from Mossley, said: "Cameron tested positive for Covid on November 10, he developed a cough that got worse.

Cameron Wellington wrestling

"It was the 16th or 17th when he eventually went to hospital, that's when things went from bad to worse as he was struggling with his breathing.

"He went to Walsall Manor Hospital and he sort of collapsed when they put him on oxygen because of how low his oxygen levels were. Then they had to put him in a coma.

"Throughout the night he was put on a dialysis machine then the next morning they put him on ECMO treatment, another blood cleaning machine to remove clots in his lungs.

"He had two different treatments but it was unsuccessful, he suffered organ failure that's when we were told to go to Leicester where they moved him to and that's when we had to turn off the machines."

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Mr Wellington said Cameron was a "fit healthy young lad" who wrestled and was active.

"He kept maintaining he was alright," Mr Wellington added. "He didn't want us to take him to hospital, we phoned 111 for three days until someone told us to take him in.

"Then his oxygen level was at 10 and it should have been 90 or 95.

"They said to him they'd have to put him to sleep and he said 'it's ok I'm not scared just do it'.

"In the end it was just too long, it's just crushed us.

Cameron Wellington

"He was a very happy lad, really bubbly, would do anything for anybody, he just liked to help people.

"He was always helping us with the kids, he was amazing."

Mr Wellington added: "People really do need to take it seriously, we're trying to get the awareness out there, just wash your hands and wear a mask."

Cameron Wellington

Cameron's mother Jane posted on Facebook on November 19 saying: "Never thought we would have to do this but our son brother friend Cameron passed away this afternoon at 2.50pm at Leicester hospital.

"He fought all the way through two operations and still fought but sadly his body couldn't handle it.

"We would like to thank everyone for there love prayers and support. Also to the A&E and ICU at the Walsall Manor and the Covid specialist ICU at Leicester hospital who did everything possible to save him.

"Thank you everyone he was a special lad and will always be missed. Please don't remember him with sadness remember him with a smile and a cheeky grin love to you all."

Joanne Wellington, who launched the fundraiser, says on the page: "Friends please show support during this time for a young family after a 19 year old Covid-19 patient passed away leaving mom, dad and five siblings behind. In urgent need of unexpected funeral expenses!

"19-year-old Cameron Wellington passed yesterday the 19th November after deteriorating further, we're beyond broke, devastated and lost cant even think of the word's we're feeling right now.

"He was just a child still living with his parents, he had everything going for him. He was a true artist and wrestling champ. He's left behind mom, dad, three young sisters two brothers and a nephew.

"It's unclear how exactly Cameron contracted the virus, it may have been from one of his younger brothers from school as he never left the house for anything at the time.


"If you were ever to meet Cameron 'He just had the biggest heart you could ever imagine, an infectious smile, big personality, anyone who’s ever met him will say that'. Dad says 'You will leave that conversation with Cam knowing you had a friend for life'.

"Well you gave it your all Cameron, even checked yourself into the hospital. Doctors were freaked out by that with his condition.

"He had a blood clot on his lungs and heart and his blood was burning him from the inside like acid to the point he had to be put in a coma. Then he had to go through not one but two operations within hours of each other but he didn't complain nor was he scared.

"He truly was a fighter to the end and lived up to his wrestling reputation. Your suffering is over and you're in a better place with the rest of your family to look after you now. We're never going to forget you or any of the great memories you gave.

"We love you and we're going to miss you R.I.P. Don't get too comfortable with the peace and quiet up there from us it's not forever.

"I would urge everyone to be very guarded in terms of assuming that this is just another cold or flu virus - it is not there’s no such thing as invincibility from this virus it's taking our children too!!

"Here is the evidence young people really need to take this seriously, they're not immune to this disease. Please be cautious no one has an exemption certificate! It shows no mercy.


"Not only has this been a terrible year for so many people but the timing of this second wave is devastating. This happening so close to Christmas, with some of the children being so young, the parents just can't see a way through paying for it all, or get there heads round it, or even think of celebrating it at all.

"Just so shocking and unexpected but the rest of the children mustn't be left out or put to the side. They have already lost a brother, they see the devastation and feel the pain. Please give this family some love, help, HOPE and support. They need to feel the love and united lift that this word is still very much capable of...please anything at all would be of big help and support JUST £1.

"And if you have nothing to spare you guys can just hit the share button to your pages that would be great too. Sharing is caring.

"May I ask for you all to send out your healing prayers and thoughts to the family, your prayers and thoughts can do wonderful things, especially when we unite our prayers process.

"Thank you with all our heart in advance for any help you may be able to give it will be deeply appreciated again from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU.

"DO YOUR BIT. Protect yourselves and protect others!

"Please take care everyone and remember 'we are always together even when we are apart'. Wishing you health, peace healing and empowerment."

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