Activ 8 Christmas No1 could be an Altern 8 choice

The race is on to find a Christmas chart topper to knock the X Factor winner out of the running – and a 90s techno classic has emerged as an unlikely front runner.

Activ 8 Christmas No1 could be an Altern 8 choice


dedicated to getting Activ 8 by rave duo Altern 8 to the Number 1 spot.

It would be an achievement that friends Mark Archer and Chris Peat, from Gnosall, just failed to reach back in 1991 when the song got to No 3.

The pair, who appeared on Top Of The Pops, were famed for performing in chemical warfare suits and dust masks.

Support for the campaign, launched by a fan in Brighton, has rocketed with 18,500 likes registered on the website.

Mark Archer, now a 44-year-old DJ and record producer, is still in shock.

"It was the last thing I expected. I got sent the campaign link a couple of Fridays ago and there were literally six likes. Now it's taken off.

"I have no idea why they chose us or that song but I'm very flattered."

The record featured the voice of three-year-old Clair Rushton, of Burntwood, whose phrase 'nice one, top one, get sorted' became a mantra for the rave scene.

She is now 25 and married, says Mark, himself now a father-of-three.

It was the band's most successful song, kept off the top spot only by Michael Jackson's comeback single Black and White and, at No 2, Vic Reeves and the Wonder Stuff's version of Dizzy, and stayed in the charts for almost three months.

Commercially Altern 8 were at the peak of their career. They had been performing as Nexus 21 and started Altern 8 as a side project.

"We travelled up and down the UK doing PAs and we toured the world," Mr Archer said.

The pair split over professional differences and have not been in contact for years.

But Mr Archer says: "The whole idea is that we're doing it for a laugh. I've not got a burning hatred of X Factor but I do think it gives a false idea about the industry."

He is not sure how he would react if the campaign is successful.

"I can remember being told when we got to No. 3. I was living in a little terraced house in Sandon Road.

"I put the phone down and just stood there. I'd probably do exactly the same again."

*The campaign page can be found by visiting

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