Huge rubbish pile left after travellers' camp moved off Smethwick park - WATCH

Tyres, mattresses, chairs, rubbish and rubble - this huge pile of waste has left one Black Country park resembling a tip.

But this is the massive clean up operation now facing the authorities after an illegal travellers' camp was moved on.

Mounds of waste lay strewn across Black Patch Park, in Smethwick, to the dismay of people living nearby.

One spotted a lorry dumping rubbish on the park, reputedly the birthplace of silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin.

Travellers' caravans have been spotted this afternoon around land near Blakeley Wood, between Tipton and Wednesbury.

Smethwick Police announced that an illegal encampment was moved on from Black Patch Park yesterday.

Yet this is the scene of chaos left behind with rubbish left behind at the parkland in the aftermath.

This is the scene in the park today
Chairs are among the waste left behind

This comes after travellers' caravans were moved on in Oldbury yesterday - including from the car park close to Sandwell Council House.

Workers had to park elsewhere in the town after caravans appeared over the weekend on the car park off West Bromwich Street.

Caravan were later seen pulling on to spaces at Portway Leisure Centre on Newbury Lane.

Travellers setting up illegal camps in Sandwell will now face swift action under new tough powers which can see them moved on within 24 hours.

Reporter Jamie Brassington has been at the scene today.

Sandwell Council has been informing residents.

Waste has also been accumulating over recent weeks, say businesses nearby.

It is not yet know how much the clean up operation will cost or how long it will take to remove the waste.

They were there for less than five days and left tons of rubbish behind.

black news
Councillor Richard Marshall and Director of adult social care, health and wellbeing David Stevens survey the rubbish at Black Patch. Picture: Sandwell Council

Sandwell Council Leader Councillor Steve Eling said: “The mess at Black Patch Park is an absolute disgrace. Tons of rubbish were dumped there within just a matter of days.

“We’ve now secured the Black Patch site and staff are now trying to find any evidence of who is responsible for this rubbish.

“The people who pay to have rubbish taken away which is then dumped also have a responsibility to make sure it’s disposed of properly.

"If we can link this rubbish to any business or individual who has failed to make sure it’s been properly disposed of, we will be taking action against them, too.”

Fly-tipping carries a fine of up to £40,000. Anyone who transports waste without a waste carrier licence can be fined up to £5,000.

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Comments for: "Huge rubbish pile left after travellers' camp moved off Smethwick park - WATCH"


The action being taken isn't tough enough. Impound their vans and sell them off to recover some of the cost of the clean-ups.


These dirty animals are immune to the law the rest of us have to adhere to. The authorities are scared of taking them on because they feel intimidated by these thugs. I repeat the authorities are scared of them. When I say authorities I mean the council and the police. Day after day there are criminal offences being committed and a blind eye is turned time and time again because THE AUTHORITIES ARE SCARED OF TAKING THEM ON.


55 years ago we had a large traveller unauthorised site a few miles from where I lived. Car theft and break ins soared in the area. Everybody knew who were to blame, but nobody in authority did anything about it. The police were scared to visit the site, not because of the PC brigade, but because they knew they would risk their lives and those of their family.

Nothing changes.

Who cares what you think

The fines imposed on them for this rubbish will help to pay for children's services, oh hang on a minute all the enforcement officers are on cigarette butt patrol


how many didicoys were there as the rubbish I would guess at hundreds, then they wonder why they are not welcome anywhere.dirty scruffy dregs of humanity, have they no shame?


Obviously one rule for one! Disgusting if I dump load of rubbish in my road I'd be fined and taken to court. Country has gone soft.


and they wonder why people hate them


And who was charged yes you got it NO ONE why because they do not want to upset them there cowards

and only go after the easy touch single woman who leave some thing out for the bin or the person dropping fag end on the floor . the law is for all not one for them and one for others do your jobs you cowards and stop putting the clean up bill on the Tax payer .


These people are low life scum and should be dealt with as such, and by force if necessary.

abused ratepayer

Huge rubbish pile left after travellers' camp moved off Smethwick park.

Not convinced by this story at all, yes its well known that travellers leave a mess at times, I admit they would have contributed to some of this mess, but I know this area well in fact I was there less than a week ago and all round that area is a tip, there are piles of bags of rubbish scattered in the roads all round that area because Sandwell and Birmingham Councils don’t clean the roads there.

Just suppose someone saw the travellers on that site and saw it as an opportunity to dump some of this rubbish, tyres etc. the travellers are unlikely to prevent them from doing it, thanks to the way they are treated by society in general, if back in the 60s / 70s, we had we treated the Asian community the way we treat travellers, this country would have missed out on so much, at first the blacks and Asians were hated, give them respect, they took all that rubbish for many years and proved what a valuable asset they were.

Sandwell and Birmingham Councils are obsessed with attacking travellers and delight in whipping up a furore against them, had the bigots succeeded in the past, British society would have been completely different, in fact many Asians want immigration restricted, wonder why?

I can understand the animosity against travellers, but how much of their behaviour was caused by us, they are real human beings, they have a right to a life their children have a right to be educated, we refuse to give them a place to stay, as soon as they camp up they are attacked, allocate them land where they can stay provide skips for domestic waste and charge them for it, if they don’t pay they don’t stay, simple caravan sites all over the UK do it every day, and make sure they are regularly visited by police and social workers, problem solved.


When they moved onto the leisure centre, some of them went into the showers and let their kids crap in the shower trays, this has come from a council worker who was their on the day in case you wondered !

west brom baggieboy

before they move these people on ,they should ask what they intend to do with all the rubbish they have left ,the reply the council would get would be [nothing ],at that reply the council should then seize one of there vans ,then sell it at auction to pay for the clean up ,why should the tax payer keep on paying for these dirty idiots


They will just refuse to leave then what happens, decent folk can not win against this vermin.


Abused ratepayer.... I suggest you remove your rose tinted spectacles and do what I have done. I worked with these people for a few years. They have no intention of ever integrating, they have no wish to conform to "normal society". They have no sense of common decency and see nothing wrong in taking advantage of the normal members of the community. They know the Law and Councils are weak and see nothing wrong in taking advantage of that weakness as they do with the old and infirm. I am all in favour of live and let live but you must have general agreement about a common set of ground rules otherwise we end up with the situation we have now. I am not advocating the approach that a certain European leader made in the 1930`s but I think a far more robust approach should be used than the one in place today.


Some very vitriolic comments here. How do we know the rubbish is not general fly tipping? travellers visit sites with a load of tyres attached to their caravans ready to dump them...i think not!


The RAF should bomb them


Dotw could you explain why loads of rubbish is left behind wherever or whenever these people illegally turn up.


Abused rate payer is the only sensible person on here.the rubbish was THERE BEFORE the Travellers arrived.Travellers are continually being used as a scapegoat for local folk fly tipping!!what would Travellers want with so many old tyres??a bath(not in a caravan)chairs(again not in a caravan)and they definitely do not have 3 piece suites in their your eyes folk and see whose really doing the fly tipping in your community.


Thats the point, they don't want the tyres, thats why they left them there. The rest of the vehicles they have sold for scrap. This type of mess is left every time they occupy a site.

Yes there may have been some rubbish there before they arrived, and I don't condone fly tipping, but I have little doubt the scum in caravans left the most.

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