West Midlands PCC election count as it happened


Political editor Daniel Wainwright reported from the ICC in Birmingham where one of  four candidates will be elected as Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands. See how the day unfolded below.

Nigel Farage: I could put Miliband in Number 10


UKIP's leader Nigel Farage has said he would consider offering a pact with Labour that would put Ed Miliband into Number 10 in exchange for a referendum on Europe - but not in a coalition government.

Has Hitler row damaged UKIP?

UKIP's Bill Etheridge

UKIP’s Bill Etheridge learned a rather valuable lesson this week about public speaking - that it’s generally a bad idea to say anything that could be construed as positive about Adolf Hitler.

UKIP Candidate backs Hitler row MEP

Keith Rowe

The UKIP candidate trying to become the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has backed the MEP at the centre of a row after using Adolf Hitler as an example during a seminar on public speaking.

I need to be more mature says Hitler row MEP

UKIP's Bill Etheridge

The MEP and councillor at the centre of a row for telling aspiring politicians to look at Adolf Hitler's speaking style has said he needs to be less 'politically naive' and more 'mature' in future.