Conference diary: We must eliminate youth unemployment

The bars and fringe events were buzzing last night for the start of conference, or so I was told by one of my team this morning. It was an early start away from conference for me as I attended the start of Wolverhampton’s first business week, writes Conservative MP Paul Uppal.

EDL thugs in 'grotesque violence’

English Defence League supporters became involved in ‘grotesque violence’ as they tried to get into a pub on their way back from a rally, a court heard.

Walsall residents told to pay £2.5m debts

Walsall Council offices

Residents in Walsall have been told to stump up more than £2.5 million in unpaid social care bills from the last three years after computer system problems and complicated bills meant they went went unpaid.

Who can we trust with the NHS?

Stafford Hospital

The National Health Service will be one of the main battlegrounds for the next election and the West Midlands is going to see some of the fiercest fights.