Final farewell for Wolves hero Dave Wagstaffe

Wolverhampton fell silent this afternoon as fans, team-mates, friends and family paid their final respects to one of Wolves’ favourite players, the late, great Dave Wagstaffe.

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside St Peter’s Collegiate Church in the city centre as ‘Waggy’ was laid to rest.

Fans mingled with around 20 former team-mates of the legendary winger, who passed away on August 6 at the age of 70 following a battle with cancer.

It was standing room only inside the church with a thousand-strong congregation which included the club’s chief executive Jez Moxey, vice-presidents Robert Plant and Rachael Heyhoe-Flint.

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As the coffin was carried into church by members of the Wagstaffe family, the strains of Wolves’ anthem Hi Ho Silver Lining could be heard,

Behind the coffin Waggy’s distraught partner Val Williams – wearing the late winger’s 1974 League Cup final tracksuit top – followed with other family members, one of whom was carrying a framed picture of the footballing idol.

In the hearse bearing the coffin were white and gold flowers marking out the words Waggy and Dad.

Among those present were John Richards, who gave a reading during the service, Phil Parkes, Geoff Palmer, Derek Parkin, John McAlle, George Berry, Kenny Hibbitt, Willie Carr, Barry Powell, Terry Wharton, Ernie Hunt, Peter Knowles, Gerry Taylor, Fred Davies, Mel Eves, Graham Hawkins and Jim Barron.

Following the first hymn Jerusalem, there was a reading by legendary goalscorer Richards before Waggy’s grand-daughter Chloe Williams sang How Great Thou Art.

Tributes were given by former Express & Star sports editor Steve Gordos, Waggy’s youngest son Scott and Wolves chaplain Rev David Wright

As the congregation left the church the Monkees’ Daydream Believer was played in reference to Waggy’s long-term friendship with the band’s musician Davy Jones.

Before the service began supporters gathered outside Molineux where the funeral cortege paused briefly to allow fans to pay their respects after setting out from the family home in Tettenhall. Passing motorists also stopped their cars to mark the occasion. Among the supporters at Molineux was Mick King, aged 65 from Oxley. He said: “Waggy was one of my heroes. He was absolutely brilliant and was the best winger never to play for England.”

The hugely popular star was regarded as one of Wolves’ finest ever players and enjoyed great success with the club from 1964 to 1976 picking up a League Cup winners medal in 1974.

Waggy made 404 appearances for Wolves and scored 31 goals after signing from Manchester City.

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Comments for: "Final farewell for Wolves hero Dave Wagstaffe"

matty boden

he is a true legend even tho i never got to see him play and he deserves the send off possible today!! #RIPWAGGY!! FWAW

Mick Mooney

Sadly missed Waggy.

Jon The Pope

R.I.P Waggy

Cape Wolf

Wonderful send - off for a true Wolves Legend, top respect to The Family and The Club for marking the passing of one of our greatest with such style.

R.I.P Waggy, thanks for thrilling us and making us proud to be Wolves


As im almost 50 i remember waggy what a player part of a great front 3 with doog n jr a sad loss rip

John Evesham

felt very emotional reading this report. A true Wolves legend. thanks for the great times.

South Coast Wolves

Sad day for Wolves loosing a true legend. Will be missed. RIP Waggy.


R.I.P.Waggy Doesn,t seem like 40 years since you helped Wolves win at Wembley in that fantastic match against your previous team,Remembered with great fondness.God bless.


Great player. Great Memories. Thanks for all of that. RIP Waggy.

The Real London Wolf

Sadly missed.

I remember seeing him play many times. There was always a stir amongst the crowd whenever he go the ball and had space to use it.

I also remember many of those in attendance including Rachael Heyhoe - Flint who was one of my teachers in the 60s!

Regrettably "The Doog" (who I saw score a hat trick on his Molineux debut) has also passed away.

Those were good days and I will always respect those them.

RIP Waggy


you had to go to northecote rachael was our teacher

The Real London Wolf

Spot on psm - I did go to Northicote!

PS Sorry re typos in first post!!!

Norman Bell's butler

Many years ago as a 10 year I can remember as a Xmas present getting a Wolves shirt and asking my mother to sew number 11 on the back as Waggy was my first Wolves hero. Sadly missed RIP.

70s Wolves fan

I went to pay my respects and was greatly surprised to be invited in to the church at the family's request. Many thanks for a very moving and funny (at times) tribute.

Special mention must go to Chloe and Richard for their beautiful duet.

R.I.P Waggy

London wolves loyal


latvian wolf


I saw Waggy on his debut against the Villa and knew then that he had a great future at the Wolves.




Boing Baggie

Waggy true football legend . Saw you play many times dont think you ever had a bad game , especialy against us , dont make them like you any more .RIP


R.I.P Waggy a true legend, "KING OF THE WING".


God bless Wolves finest entertainer. RIP Waggy.


At one point some 14 years or so back, Waggy lived near my Mum and Dad. My Mum was getting on at the time and quite ill. Waggy showed incredible kindness to them both and helped out, fetching newspapers and doing little jobs like that. An ordinary bloke helping ordinary people. I wish I could have been present today but sadly circumstances dictated otherwise.

I saw Waggy on his debut at the Molineux and grew up watching those wonderful players of the mid to late 60s and early 70s. It was exciting being a Wolves fan at the time - happy days watching a group of players who were a real team. Why the hell Waggy never picked up any representative honours is still beyond me - undoubtedly one of the greatest players of his generation and a lovely man.

RIP Waggy. My condolences to family and friends.


phil notts

have a knock about with the doog , you were the best , god bless


A dignified and fitting tribute to the great Waggy. He was the most exiting individual player I have ever seen play for Wolves. With Waggy in the team you were sure of some great entertainment.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

I am old enough to remember watching Wolves's greates ever team in the fifties, when they won three Div 1 league titles. Of all the players we've had since, Waggy is one of the very few who could have graced that team. And that is with total respect to Jimmy Mullen - another legend.

God bless all your family and friends, Waggy, and thanks for everything. RIP.


Waggy you might have left us but the memory of you going down the wing will stay with us forever.

Dorset Wolf

R.I.P Waggy thanks for the memories and for signing my Rattle in 1968 still have it.

God Bless.

Les Lloyd

On holiday from Australia, could not miss Waggy's funeral he was my hero

Waggy you will be missed

loyal wulfrian

Great Great Player.

Sydney Wolfs Mom

A true legend. A great player. Proud to have seen him play. Never forgotten by Wolves fans.

In heavenly love abiding.


Remember the great goal he scored against Arsenal in a 5-1 home match.Moving inside from the right wing in front of the Molineux Street stand and hit a tremendous left foot drive into the North Bank goal passed a stranded Bob Wilson.RIP Waggy

Jones Road 70's Wolf

Very emotional seeing all the good folk turn out for you today. God Bless you Waggy


R.I.P Waggy condolences to friends and family.

Saw him many times great winger.


I was an eleven year old from Wolverhampton the first time I saw Waggy play, 1964. Now I'm sixty and living a long way from my beloved Wolves but the memories of Waggy live on forever. RIP.


RIP Waggy..... never forget those dashes down the wing, the crosses to Dougan, and one goal in particular which I think was against Spurs in the cup.....Waggy tore down the left flank, crossed to the back stick and Jim McCalliog volleyed in from 10 yards, the whole place went mad.... thanks for the memories and condolences to the Wagstaffe family


Like many Wolves fans I was privileged to have seen Waggy play many times. There was always excitement whenever he was on the ball because we all knew how good he was and how he could create golden opportunities. No one has come close to emulating his skills since he retired.

Good to read that Peter Knowles was at the funeral. Now THERE was another player from the same mould..............


My 'hay-days' watching Wolves, as a regular since 1960. In the post-modern era, my first name on our team-sheet. Goodbye 'Waggy'. I just might see you again.


My idol from the early seventies Wolves team. Fond memories of Waggy terrorising many teams defence He was one of the best if not the best wingers in the country. R.I.P.

Canadian Baggie

Class man and a class footballer. How Wolves could use his drive and passion now.


Had the Pleasure of seeing Waggy play several times In the 70s,he was always exciting too watch and scored some fantastic Goals.RIP Waggy you'll always be remembered as a Wolves Legend

Broadbent-Deeley Wolf

God Bless our Waggy.

The memories will never fade.


One of the best wingers ever when footballers played more for the love of the game then the money, will allways be remembered by anyone lucky enough to see him R.I.P WAGGY. HOY,HOY,HOY WAGGY,WAGGY,WAGGY. God Bless Ya.

paul keightley tamworth

Was lucky enough to see Waggy as a seven year old back in 1973 and the league cup final in 74.

Thanks for the memories Dave RIP god bless you

and our condolences to your family

Ted & Paul Tamworth

James D

My heart goes to him even though I'm not a Wolves supporter but I saw the funeral vehicle by the civic this afternoon that was before I knew it was Dave Wagstaffe's funeral so R.I.P

P.S I watched the short Youtube clip on this article.

King Jeffs left boot

Saw Waggy play a few times, what a great player he was nd that's from a Baggie, big RESPECT, R.I.P. big fella, the wolves wished they had a few like u now.

Bob Wiggin

I was at Waggy's debut and many other matches. He was a true Wolves legend. R.I.P. Waggy and thanks for the memories.

Mike of Adelaide

I was OK watching until the very end when the hearse left with 'DAD' in flowers on the back window. Cried like a baby! RIP Dave, one of the best.

Manchester Wolf


Say no more

Kimberley Williams


bazza boy

Thanks for the memories, David. You get the ballon the left wing, glide past a defender and send over a beautiful cross for Doog or Richards to score. Magic that lit up my youth. You were so considerate to my Dad when we visited Waggy's Bar. Top man.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Farewell Waggy, you are in good hands.


Stearmans overhead kick

Nice one, Jack the Hat.

Elvis Wolf

Superb send off.

RIP Waggy, a true Wolves Legend!

Gary - Saudi Wolf

I am so glad that I was able to see you play WAGGY Never to be forgotten............

WHY oh WHY you never played for England God only knows


Thank you for all the wonderful memories

Condolences to all family, you will be missing a true gentleman and fantastic footballer


rest in peace waggy you were the best


waggy you were a true working class hero you will never be forgoten from north bank fan 1966 till 1977 rest in peace


Thanks for so many wonderful memories,I`ll never forget.

I`ll bet you make the team up there.

Ray Bill

Remember some great goal, particularly the one against Chelsea with the great Peter Bonnetti in goal. Rest in pease Waggy, you will always be remembered asa Wolves great.

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