"Hatherton Wolves is always worth it" – 30 years of Wolves loyalty

Managers may come and go but the one constant at Wolves will always be its loyal supporters – as showcased in a brand new book.

Everywhere We Go: Hatherton Wolves, tells the story of Wolves’ largest independent supporters’ club.

The club will turn 30 years old in February and to mark the anniversary Russ Evers – who runs Hatherton Wolves alongside Roy Tansley – has written a book which compiles anecdotes and stories from the past three decades.

It was launched at – where else? – Molineux with help from former Wolves player Steve Daley.

Russ explained the reasons behind putting the book together.

“The clock’s ticking!” he joked. “And none of us are getting any younger. It’s just about trying to remember everything now, while we can. It was due to tie in with the 30th anniversary in February but we’ve jumped the gun a bit.

“I think there are genuinely laugh out loud moments in there. There are about three serious pages – the rest is tales.

“Hatherton Wolves was initially run as a members’ club but that got too much like a job. You couldn’t enjoy the day out.

“Lately we’ve done well via Facebook – we’ve got more than 1,000 followers. We generally fill two to three coaches each game.

“It started off as all about Wolves. But you’ve got people in North London that Arsenal are only in an FA Cup final and fifth in the league. They’ve qualified for the Champions League for the past 20 years.

“We have to wait for pre-season to go to Europe! We used to beat Arsenal for fun. While they’ve gone one way, we’ve stagnated and gone down. So now it’s all about the day – and it’s a full day. Many of the pubs in town open at 7am now. “

The group’s name came from the Hatherton Arms pub, behind Molineux.

Russ admitted the book had been a slog to put together. But it, like following Wolves with Hatherton, was all worth it.

“We’re great mates at Hatherton,” he added. “It does start with a love of Wolves and spending time with great mates who you’re guaranteed to have a good time with.

“Thirty years is a long time. Most of the stories that you can print are in the book.

“We’ve gone through every club we’ve visited and there’s a tale for every one...bar Fleetwood.

“Including Scottish and Irish grounds, we’ve ran trip to 127 grounds, in Britain, not including abroad.

“We don’t do it for a profit – any profit we make we use to keep the prices low.

“The book’s been a hard slog. But to see everyone together, 200 of us, after the season we’ve had, it’s worth it.

“Hatherton Wolves is always worth it.”

There are 306 copies on sale. For a copy search for “Wolves FC supporters’ book” on Ebay or visit the Hatherton Wolves Facebook


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