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Trivela Group putting trust in existing leaders at Walsall

New co-chairman Ben Boycott has highlighted the importance of the existing leadership group at Walsall while the Trivela Group remain based in America.

Ben Boycott
Ben Boycott

Trivela have completed a takeover of the Saddlers by initially acquiring 51 per cent of Leigh Pomlett’s shares.

They have also committed to attaining the remaining 25 per cent within the next two years – at which point they will provide the funds to buy back Bescot.

In the short term, Boycott, while serving as co-chairman, will still be based in the States along with the rest of Trivela.

Existing directors Pomlett, also co-chairman, chief executive Stefan Gamble and chief operating officer Dan Mole will continue to oversee the day-to-day running of Walsall.

Boycott explained: “It would be very difficult for a group like us to do something like this without the leadership that is here right now.

“I believe in Stefan Gamble, Dan Mole, Michael Flynn. Leigh is a friend and mentor.

“Leigh and I will be in daily communication, Stefan and I will be in daily communication.

“It’s that core foundation that makes this work for us.”

The Trivela Group are made up of five people, having been founded by Boycott and business partner Kenneth Polk.

Matt Jordan is their vice-president of global football, Wesley Hill is their vice-president of operations and strategic partnerships and William Boycott is vice-president of project management.

When asked how involved each of them will be at Walsall, co-chairman Boycott said: “Right now, we haven’t said ‘OK, here’s Matt Jordan’s job description’.

“We know for sure for that we want to come in with our capabilities as accelerators.

“None of that is intended to replace or subvert the local leadership that’s here. It’s to support and accelerate.

“In terms of how involved we’ll be, we’ll be here regularly, in a support role to the guys we 100 per cent believe in. We’ll be based in the States, but all of us will be frequently travelling back and forth, and in constant communication through technology.”

Boycott added: “We’ll be here regularly. We’ll be regularly in the building, for sure.

“Apart from any of the deal and my role in the club, I’m a fan and supporter and looking forward to supporting the lads.”

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