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Bescot Stadium freehold matters insist new Walsall owners

New co-chairman Ben Boycott is excited to reunite Walsall with the Bescot freehold within the next two years as it 'matters for supporters young and old'.

Poundland Bescot Stadium
Poundland Bescot Stadium

American investment firm Trivela Group, of which Boycott is managing director, have taken over the Saddlers by initially acquiring 51 per cent of Leigh Pomlett's shares.

They have then committed to attaining Pomlett's remaining 25 per cent and providing the funds to buy the ground within the next two years.

When asked about that timeline and the importance around the Bescot freehold, Boycott said: "There's a hope it could be sooner, but we're focused on that two-year timeline for now.

"It matters financially, but I'd say more than that, it matters generationally.

"It matters for supporters young and old that there's not this spectre of 'are we going to lose our home ground?'

"Securing the home of this club for generations to come is really important. We care about this place.

"If I'm not wrong, I believe since Michael Flynn came in, we have won five out of seven home games. That's what we want.

"We want it to be the home of this club, owned by this club, and a hard place for our opponents to play.

"It's important financially but generationally and symbolically as well."

Pomlett, who is now serving as co-chairman alongside Boycott, says sorting out the freehold was something any new investor had to commit to.

"I made it very clear to any investor in Walsall that 'you cannot buy my shares unless you sort out the purchase of the stadium'," said Pomlett.

"I said 'if you are not prepared or capable of facilitating the reunification of the club with its stadium, I'm not talking to you'.

"Ben did not go away at that point. So, we've continued that dialogue for a year.

"That was always the condition, and we delivered it. That will now happen, so I'm excited about that. That can happen because of the Trivela Group deal."

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