Smoker in viral video of 'heavy handed' litter warden wins appeal: Your Facebook comments

He fought the law... and he won. Here's a roundup of your comments after musician Nick J Townsend's confrontation with a litter warden went viral.

Smoker in viral video of 'heavy handed' litter warden wins appeal: Your Facebook comments

"It's a joke"

Andrew Caddick said: "Accidentally drop something = get fined without jury or trial for littering.

"Smoke black mamba and have fights, mashed out of your tree outside the bus station = nothing happens."

Dawn Heaney added: "Well done to this guy, the litter police are a joke and don't listen to reason."


Jacqui Gowman said: "So what if they'd seen him drop his wallet or a set of keys? Would that still be classed as littering? Would they say 'excuse me sir, you've just dropped something or would they still fine him for his misfortune????

"Think wolves council should be more concerned with falling numbers of visitors and the amount of empty shops rather than waiting at the first port of call to the city and putting of people from coming back."

Trevor Allen said: "One fag paper, it's a joke. What about all the dog mess and the rubbish bin men leave in the street when they collect household refuse and what about all the slippery leaves from trees in Autumn that councils no longer clean up?

"As usual its just an easy way to make money and companies like this should not be allowed to operate."

Well done!

Zoeanne Heath: "Well done fella, it's just a money making scam. What if it had been his train ticket?

"He could have lost money then too, as he would have to buy another one. Disgusting, the attitude of them."

Mandy Hayward: "You know this guy was so calm he ought to consider studying law and bringing common sense to situations... Well done."

A word of caution

Sharmwolf: "A mistake on this occasion but don't stop fining the filthy people that make everywhere look a mess."

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