Letter: Facts, please, on how Brexit will help our country

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There are two letters criticising my views, particularly on Brexit, in the July 21 edition. Kev Eccles wants readers to chip in and buy me a one way ticket to Euroland.

Facts, please, on how Brexit will help our country

I’ll listen Kev but it must be a tax free six figure sum. Frank Walker tells readers not to get upset and stressed about me. Neither letter makes any attempt to explain how Brexit will benefit us – facts please, countries who will buy something from us that they aren’t buying at the moment.

Countries that will give us orders as profitable as those we receive from the EU. Both letters mock my intelligence but neither letter writer explains what great achievements they have obtained that entitle them to believe that they know better than me.

I didn’t stay on in sixth form so don’t have educational qualifications beyond GCE ‘O’ levels.

However, if I am going to seek an opinion on important subjects like Brexit I prefer to get it from those who have worked and studied for years to enhance their careers. Let me give Kev and Frank a couple of statistics. 90 per cent of academics voted to remain in the EU. In 2017 researchers at Leicester University found that levels of intelligence were more significant than age, gender, income or local immigrant levels when it came to voting to remain or leave.

Personally I prefer to listen to those who have sat down and done their sums rather than those who think Nigel Farage would be a great bloke to have a drink with. Not that I want to make a meal of it but I did write earlier in the year saying that his Brexit Party would go the same way as UKIP.

Roger Watts, Walsall


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