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Anger over 'inexcusable' delays to roadworks at M6 Junction 10

The announcement of an extended deadline for the never-ending junction 10 roadworks has been described as 'inexcusable'.

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Junction 10 of the M6 is still being worked on.

Once again, motorists have been told to expect further delays as the M6 junction 10 roadworks are still underway, despite the completion date being the end of last month.

Drivers can now expect the roadworks to be finished by spring this year, with no definite date given.

Councillor Doug James, who represents Darlaston South, said: "The delays are inexcusable and are a result of procurement problems for wiring and installation of the traffic lights and link to the National network for traffic information.

"Also, the additional cost information I requested from National Highways was deemed to be "commercially sensitive" – despite the money coming from the public purse.

"The sum will far exceed the £78 million.

"Currently the delays on the Darlaston side of the route are still creating problems. Few local motorists believe the work will reduce the delays when completed.

"Why is there no date for completion? The work is months late and costing millions."

A staff member from the Holiday Inn Express at junction 10, who did not want to be named, said they were mostly unaffected by the roadworks, but expected them to have been completed last spring. They said: "It hasn't been too bad, we haven't really been affected because they put in diversions. The only thing is a little surprises, such as when I'm on the way to work and a road has been coned off, but there will be a diversion route to take. We have dealt with it for two years now and it has not been an issue for us.

"We have been in close contact with National Highways and we have been kept updated by them."

Holiday Inn Express at Junction 10, Walsall. Photo: Google Street View

Black Country Chamber chief executive Sarah Moorhouse said although it was heavily congested, the 'critical' junction provides a gateway to Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Mrs Moorhouse said: "We appreciate this is a major project which is helping to solve some of the issues faced by drivers with the M6 junction 10 of strategic importance to businesses in the region.

"The junction was heavily congested, reducing the attractiveness of the local area for business and investment, including within the nearby Black Country Enterprise Zone.

"But the new measures will not only reduce the congestion and capacity issues but will also serve to improve access to the strategic road network and is attracting new businesses and development to the area.

"I know how bad it can be, but it's also the gateway to Walsall and the gateway to Wolverhampton so it's an absolutely critical junction in the West Midlands helping to support economic growth.”