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General Election 2019 | Published:

The nominations are in for seats across the Black Country, Staffordshire and Wyre Forest at next month's general election

Who will get your vote?

It marks the country's first winter poll in almost 100 years, after Boris Johnson's call for an election was finally backed in the Commons at the third time of asking.

More than 80 candidates from seven different political parties plus independents will contest the 19 constituencies in the area covered by the Express & Star.

They include a number of key target seats for the Tories in the Black Country, where Mr Johnson will be hoping that the strong support for Brexit leads to the majority that he craves.

Labour meanwhile will be aiming to hold onto the key marginal of Dudley North, which has been the centre of attention over the past week after former MP Ian Austin stood down to endorse the Tories and the Brexit Party's Rupert Lowe withdrew at the last minute.

With the political landscape in turmoil, minority parties including the Lib Dems and the Brexit Party may fancy their chances of pinching a seat or two in a region where voters traditionally favour the two main parties.

Here's the breakdown of who is standing in your area:

[* denotes party which currently holds seat]



  • Mark Beech (MRLP)
  • Ian Garrett (Lib Dem)
  • Bill McComish (Green)
  • David Morgan (Lab)
  • Wendy Morton (Cons)*

Walsall North

  • Jennifer Gray (Lib Dem)


  • Eddie Hughes (Cons)*
  • Gill Ogilvie (Lab)
  • Mark Wilson (Green)

Walsall South

  • Gurjit Kaur Bains (Cons)
  • Paul Harris (Lib Dem)
  • Gary Hughes (Brexit)
  • Akheil Mehboob (Indep)
  • John Macefield (Green)
  • Valerie Vaz (Lab)*

Wolverhampton North East

  • Andrea Cantrill (Green)
  • Vishal Khatri (Brexit)
  • Richard Maxwell (Lib Dem)
  • Emma Reynolds (Lab)*
  • Jane Stevenson (Cons)

Wolverhampton South East

  • Raj Singh Chaggar (Brexit)
  • Ruth Coleman-Taylor (Lib Dem)
  • Ahmed Ejaz (Cons)
  • Kathryn Gilbert (Green)
  • Pat McFadden (Lab)*
The Wolverhampton General Election in 2017 at the WV Active Aldersley Stadium

Wolverhampton South West

  • Stuart Anderson (Cons)
  • Leo Grandison (Brexit)
  • Barts Ricketts (Lib Dem)
  • Eleanor Smith (Lab)*

Dudley North

  • Melanie Dudley (Lab)*
  • Ian Flynn (Lib Dem)
  • Mike Harrison (Green)
  • Marco Longhi (Cons)
  • Rupert Lowe (Brexit) - nomination withdrawn

Dudley South

  • Jonathan Bramall (Lib Dem)
  • Lucy Caldicott (Lab)
  • Cate Mohr (Green)
  • Mike Wood (Cons)*

Halesowen & Rowley Regis

  • Ian Cooper (Lab)
  • John Cross (Indep)
  • Ian Fleming (Indep)
  • James Morris (Cons)*
  • Ryan Priest (Lib Dem)
  • Tim Weller (Indep)
  • James Windridge (Green)


  • Chris Bramall (Lib Dem)
  • Aaron Hudson (Indep)
  • Pete Lowe (Lab)
  • Andi Mohr (Green)
  • Suzanne Webb (Cons)*


  • Michael Cooper (Brexit)
  • Kathryn Downs (Green)
  • Chandra Kanneganti (Cons)
  • Bryan Manley-Green (Lib Dem)
  • John Spellar (Lab)*

West Bromwich East

  • Ibrahim Dogus (Lab)*
  • George Galloway (Indep)
  • Andy Graham (Lib Dem)
  • Christian Lucas (Brexit)
  • Colin Rankine (Yeshua)
  • Mark Redding (Green)
  • Nicola Richards (Cons)

West Bromwich West

  • Shaun Bailey (Cons)
  • Flo Clucas (Lib Dem)
  • James Cunningham (Lab)*
  • Franco D'Aulerio (Brexit)
  • Keir Williams (Green)


  • Michael Fabricant (Cons)*
  • John Madden (Indep)
  • Andrea Muckley (Green)
  • Paul Ray (Lib Dem)
  • Dave Robertson (Lab)

South Staffordshire

  • Chris Fewtrell (Lib Dem)
  • Adam Freeman (Lab)
  • Claire McIlvenna (Green)
  • Gavin Williamson (Cons)*


  • Tom Adamson (Green)
  • Bill Cash (Cons)*
  • Alec Sandiford (Lib Dem)
  • Mike Stubbs (Lab)


  • Emma Carter (Green)
  • Theo Clarke (Cons)*
  • Joyce Still (Lab)
  • Alexander Wagner (Lib Dem)

Cannock Chase

  • Anne Hobbs (Lab)
  • Amanda Milling (Cons)*
  • Paul Woodhead (Green)

Wyre Forest

  • John Davis (Green)
  • Mark Garnier (Cons)*
  • Robin Lunn (Lab)
  • Shazu Miah (Lib Dem)

Key: -

Cons – Conservative

Lab – Labour

Lib Dem – Liberal Democrats

Green – Green Party

Brexit – Brexit Party

MRLP – Monster Raving Loony Party

Yeshua – Yeshua

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