Full Wolverhampton election results as Labour majority cut

The Conservatives gained five but Labour still has three quarters of seats.

Ian Brookfield remains the leader of Wolverhampton Council, where Labour has a comfortable majority
Ian Brookfield remains the leader of Wolverhampton Council, where Labour has a comfortable majority

What happened: Labour maintained overall control of the council, although the Conservative opposition took five seats.

Political make-up: Lab 44, Cons 15, Indep 1

Turnout: 32.84%

Full results ward by ward

*Denotes party that won seat in 2016


  • BCP: Black Country Party

  • CCI: Chase Community Independents

  • SDP: Social Democratic Party

  • TUSC: Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

  • WEP: Women`s Equality Party

  • WPB: Workers Party of Britain

Bilston East

Thomas Fellows (Indep) 217

Christopher Thompson (Cons) 838

Holly Whitmill (Green) 133

Gillian Wildman (Lab)* 1,424

Lab hold

Bilston North

Richard Carter (Green) 148

Linda Leach (Lab)* 1,553

Rajpal Singh (Cons) 895

Lab hold


Patrick Bentley (Lib Dem) 201

Keith Gilbert (Green) 151

Tersaim Singh (Lab)* 2,292

Mohammed Sohaib (Cons) 542

Lab hold

Bushbury North

Ian Jenkins (Lib Dem) 117

Andrew McNeil (Cons) 1,670

Janet Smith (Lab)* 982

Rosa Van Doorn (Green) 99

Cons gain

Bushbury South and Low Hill

Ian Brookfield (Lab)* 1,421

Matt Powis (Cons) 882

Clive Wood (Green) 137

Lab hold

East Park

Benjamin Cole (Green) 140

Steve Hall (Cons) 882

Anwen Muston (Lab)* 1,207

Lab hold


David Murray (Lib Dem) 332

Zee Russell (Lab)* 2,359

Safyaan Salim (Cons) 674

Michelle Webster (Green) 124

Lab hold

Fallings Park

Chris Burden (Lab)* 1,186

Helen Currie (Green) 105

Ranjit Dhillon (Cons) 1,117

Peter Nixon (Lib Dem) 111

Lab hold


Kathryn Ball (Lib Dem) 114

Kiran Basra (Cons) 867

Amy Bertaut (Green) 252

John Reynolds (Lab)* 1,792

Lab hold

Heath Town (2 seats)

Rachel Ashby-Filippin (Lib Dem) 218

Alan Bamber (Lib Dem) 112

Jasbir Jaspal (Lab)* 1,123

Jaspreet Jaspal (Lab)* 930

Stephen Petter (Green) 174

Alan Russell (WPB) 146

Sucha Sahota (Cons) 594

Fortune Sibanda (Cons) 658

Ayden Young (Green) 127

Lab hold (x2)

Merry Hill

Alan Bolshaw (Lab)* 1,324

Wendy Dalton (Cons) 2,001

Daniel Flynn (Green) 227

Cons gain


Joshua Allerton (TUSC) 53

Mia Clark (Green) 130

Adam Collinge (Cons) 1,249

Ann Jenkins (Lib Dem) 143

Louise Miles (Lab)* 1,179

Cons gain


Rachel Arnold (Green) 249

Robert Brotherton (Cons) 1,049

Claire Darke (Lab)* 1,640

Bryan Lewis (Lib Dem) 103

Lab hold


Kathryn Gilbert (Green) 271

Stephanie Haynes (Cons) 2,464

Tom Moreton (Lab)* 1,775

Cons gain

Spring Vale

Siân Kumar (Cons) 977

Duncan Nimmo (Green) 209

Mak Singh (Lab)* 1,401

Lab hold

St Peters

Qaiser Azeem (Lab)* 1,447

Terry Hancox (Green) 272

Zahid Shah (Cons) 569

Lab hold

Tettenhall Regis

Julian Donald (Lib Dem) 150

Carol Hyatt (Lab) 1,162

Udey Singh (Cons)* 2,242

Valerie Wood (Green) 210

Cons hold

Tettenhall Wightwick (2 seats)

Christopher Brookes (Green) 230

Andrea Cantrill (Green) 326

Jonathan Crofts (Cons)* 2,470

Walker Darke (Lab) 895

Kashmire Hawker (Lab) 789

Peter Hollis (Lib Dem) 162

David Marsh (Lib Dem) 116

Ellis Turrell (Cons)* 2,505

Cons hold (x2)

Wednesfield North

Phil Bateman (Lab)* 1,339

Lee Harris (Green) 112

Gordon Newell (Cons) 1,086

Lab hold

Wednesfield South

David Belcher (Green) 140

Jacqui Coogan (Lab)* 1,199

Andy Randle (Cons) 1,457

Cons gain

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