Full Sandwell Council election results as Tories gain nine seats

Labour retained its vice-like control on Sandwell Council but will have a genuine opposition after the Conservatives gained nine seats.

Scott Chapman celebrates his win for the Conservatives in Friar Park
Scott Chapman celebrates his win for the Conservatives in Friar Park

What happened: Labour is still the dominant party but the Conservatives won nine seats to gain representation on the council for the first time in five years.

Political make-up: Lab 58, Cons 9, Indep 4, Vacant 1

Turnout: 29.5%

Full results ward-by-ward

*Denotes party that won seat in 2016


Nicky Hinchliff (Lab)* 2,197

Ali Akhbar Hussain (Cons) 507

Robert Johns (Lib Dem) 90

Barry Lim (Green) 416

Lab hold


Greg Allman (Cons) 1,072

Kerrie Carmichael (Lab)* 1,402

Lab hold


Ellen Fenton (Lab)* 1,366

Connor Jones (Cons) 1,005

Manjit Lall (Lib Dem) 110

Joe Loudon (Green) 158

Lab hold

Charlemont with Grove Vale

David Fisher (Cons) 1,814

Sam Harding (For Britain) 72

Amanda Jenkins (Lib Dem) 92

Sanjeev Kumar (Indep) 43

Graham Nock (Reform UK) 62

Liam Preece (Lab)* 1,276

Cons gain

Cradley Heath and Old Hill

Satinder Dunn (Cons) 1,187

Cammilla Mngaza (TUSC) 41

Vicki Smith (Lab)* 1,250

Caroline White (Indep) 113

Lab hold

Friar Park

Scott Chapman (Cons) 1,008

John Giles (Lab)* 759

Colin Rankine (Yeshua) 37

Wayne Trinder (Indep) 151

Cons gain

Great Barr with Yew Tree

Liam Abrahams (Cons) 1,518

Darryl Magher (Indep) 247

Mark Smith (Lib Dem) 269

Christopher Worsey (Lab)* 1,172

Cons gain

Great Bridge

William Gill (Cons) 1,099

Ann Jarvis (Lab)* 1,081

Sandeep Singh (Indep) 123

Cons gain

Greets Green and Lyng

Md Jalal Ahmed (Cons) 820

John Edwards (Indep) 457

Pam Randhawa (Lab)* 1,679

Lab hold

Hateley Heath

Kacey Akpoteni (Lab) 1,471

Jacqueline Nock (Reform UK) 112

Paavan Ohm Sehmar (Indep) 67

Les Trumpeter (Cons) 1,277

Lab hold


Sharon Davies (Indep) 596

Caroline Owen (Lab)* 1,151

Mohammed Sakhi (Cons) 693

Lab hold


Elaine Giles (Lab)* 1,242

Bertram Richards (Lid Dem) 165

Joyce Underhill (Indep) 452

Hannah Valenzuela (Green) 90

Lee Williams (Cons) 1,066

Lab hold

Old Warley (2 seats)

Jay Anandou (Cons) 1,361

Harnoor Bhullar (Lab)* 1,145

Karl Leech (Reform UK) 112

Aldo Mussi (Green) 267

Jeffrey Regha (Cons) 859

Bob Smith (Lib Dem) 236

John Tipper (Lab) 922

Lab hold (x1), Cons gain (x1)


Richard Gingell (TUSC) 157

Rizwan Jalil (Lab) 2,075

Nathan Poole (Cons) 1,009

Lab hold

Princes End

Bill Cherrington (Reform UK) 232

Susan Eaves (Lab)* 590

Ian Jones (Indep) 134

Archer Williams (Cons) 909

Cons gain


Nagi Daya Singh (Lab)* 865

Laured Kalari (Cons) 1,050

Claire Mayo (Lab) 872

Satpal Singh (Cons) 1,039

Cons gain (x2)


Nicholas Bradley (Lib Dems) 149

Amrita Dunn (Cons) 559

Parbinder Kaur (Lab)* 2,066

Serena Laidley (WEP) 75

Rod Macrorie (Green) 144

Lab hold

Soho and Victoria

Farut Shaeen (Lab)* 2,799

Daisy Shone (Lib Dem) 253

Steve Simcox (Cons) 444

Lab hold

St. Paul’s

Sukhbir Gill (Lab)* 3,193

Ian Jeavons (Lib Dem) 157

Keith Lawley (Cons) 570

Lab hold

Tipton Green

Narinder Garcha (Cons) 613

Richard Jeffcoat (Indep) 1,011

Charn Padda (Lab)* 1,372

Lab hold


Maria Crompton (Lab)* 1,323

Emma Henlan (Cons) 1,173

Lab hold

Wednesbury North

Peter Hughes (Lab)* 1,259

Sarah Johnson (Cons) 1,058

Gareth Knox (TUSC) 31

Mark Redding (Green) 115

Lab hold

Wednesbury South (2 seats)

Ian Chambers (Cons) 1,137

Steve Dabbs (Reform UK) 140

Reuben Lawrence (WPB) 92

Kirat Singh (Lab)* 1,578

Gulshan Tabassum (Lab) 1,032

David Wilkes (Cons) 970

Cons gain (x1), Lab hold (x1)

West Bromwich Central

Fajli Bibi (Cons) 1,128

Daljit Kaur Nagra (Lib Dem) 319

Laura Rollins (Lab) 1,916

Lab hold

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