Britain decides on Europe: Chris Grayling praises E&S survey as more than 5,000 take part

Chris Grayling has praised the Express & Star for stimulating the debate on Europe as he joined thousands of others in completing our EU referendum survey.

Chris Grayling in Walsall earlier this year
Chris Grayling in Walsall earlier this year

Our poll on Brexit has already seen more than 5,000 people have their say and the Leader of the House of Commons was happy to complete the survey during his visit to Walsall on Saturday.

Mr Grayling, who was one of the first cabinet ministers to announce his intention to vote for Brexit, said: "I would commend the Express & Star for taking such a pro-active role in trying to stimulate the debate across the West Midlands.

"It is really important that people listen, understand and then vote based upon the information they have got and the opinions they have formed as a result of that.

"The more that papers like the Express & Star can encourage people to get involved in the debate the better."

The Express & Star's EU referendum survey was launched last week and poses 10 questions geared towards gauging opinions of Britain's relationship with the EU from across the Black Country and Staffordshire.

The country is set to go to the polls on June 23 for an in/out referendum.

Chris Grayling fills in the survey

1. How do you plan to vote in the EU referendum? a) leave

2. Who is more likely to influence your vote? b) Boris Johnson

3. What is the key issue that will influence your vote? b) the economy

4. Do you intend to vote? a) yes

5. Will the conditions for trade improve or decline if Britain leaves the EU? a) improve

6. Will Britain's security against the threat of terrorism improve if it leaves the EU? a) yes

7. Do you think David Cameron negotiated a good deal for Britain? c) unsure

8. Do you think the EU interferes too much in the UK? a) yes

9. Should David Cameron step down if he loses the EU referendum? b) no

10. Do you think that membership of the EU has benefitted Staffordshire and the Black Country? b) no

In his answers, Mr Grayling unsurprisingly said that Boris Johnson was more likely to influence his vote than either David Cameron or Jeremy Corbyn. He said the economy was the key issue, and that Britain's security against the threat of terrorism would be likely to improve should it leave the EU.

The former justice secretary also answered that he was unsure over the Prime Minister's renegotiation deal on Britain's membership, and said that Mr Cameron should not step down if the referendum vote goes against him.

The results will form the biggest collection of local opinion on the EU across the region.

The survey runs until Wednesday.

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