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Mum who fled domestic abuse and came to Wolverhampton tells her story and hopes to help others

Crystal did not have the childhood children deserve.

Crystal Silverwood was born in Trinidad and Tobago and grew up in Jamaica, but came to the UK aged 16

She suffered domestic abuse in the Caribbean and was in fear for her life.

With the help of an uncle, Crystal was able to flee to the UK at the age of just 16 and build a new life for herself, before being awarded for her work helping others escaping abuse.

Now Crystal, who moved to Telford from Wolverhampton earlier this year, tells her inspirational survival story in her new book, Butterfly Woman (Time to Fly), in a bid to give others courage to find a new life.

The 34-year-old is now happily married to Chris and a mother to a three-year-old daughter and 10-month-old son, Christian.

Their lives are the complete opposite to the one Crystal had, growing up in poverty with her siblings. She says she went through physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

"I was forced to become a prostitute to make money to upkeep the home," she said.