Pug 'lucky to be alive' after set upon by dog in violent 20-minute mauling

The incident in Wolverhampton city centre has led to the pug's owner to plead with dog owners to keep their pets on leads after the two-year-old was left with serious injuries.

Perita Roumeliotis-Innis's pet dog Gucci after the attack
Perita Roumeliotis-Innis's pet dog Gucci after the attack

A woman is pleading for dog owners in Wolverhampton city centre to keep their pets on a lead after her beloved pug was set upon and seriously injured in a violent attack.

Perita Roumeliotis-Innis was walking two-year-old Gucci when he was mauled by what she describes as a Pitbull/Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross in Pipers Row at around 11.30am last Friday.

Gucci suffered injuries to his neck, leg, eye, ears and body and a vet said he is “lucky to be alive”.

Perita, 47, who owns Smoking and Vaping Accessories in Queen Street, said she and Gucci were walking back towards her shop from their regular walk when the attack happened outside Costa Coffee.

“I heard a noise like someone scratching the floor,” she said.

“Being a dog owner I know the sound and as I looked around I shouted ‘Whose dog is this?’.

“I saw a girl standing there talking on her mobile phone but I did not know the dog was hers.”

Perita, of Albion Street, said it repeatedly mauled and bit Gucci for what she believes was a period of 20 minutes, inflicting numerous injuries.

A group of people, including a taxi driver and bus driver rushed to help, attempting to free her dog from the attack.

“I was terrified,” said Perita. “I pulled Gucci’s harness but I could not lift him.

“The dog grabbed Gucci by his leg out of my hands - it kept ragging him from side-to-side.

“I was hysterical - the dog would not let go.”

Perita said the female bus driver who came to help was left with blood on her face.

“My legs were wobbly,” she said.

“My neighbour, who was there, said ‘they have got the dog off him and the bus driver said ‘go the vets’."

Perita Roumeliotis-Innis says Gucci is "lucky to be alive"

Perita said the police were called but she immediately took Gucci to St George’s Vets on St George’s Parade where his injuries were stapled and he is now on a course of antibiotics and eye drops.

“He is very poorly - he has injuries all over his body,” said Perita, who adopted Gucci when he was eight weeks old.

“I can’t even pick him up as I am worried about hurting him.

“He keeps flinching now - he looks very depressed.

“I love him - I live alone and he is my companion.”

Perita said she wants to raise awareness and appeal to dog owners to keep their pets on a lead.

“I don’t want this to happen again,” she said.

“No dogs should be in the city centre without a lead.

“This would not have happened to Gucci if the dog had been restrained.”

Perita added that she wished to thank everyone who helped her and Gucci last Friday.

West Midlands Police and Wolverhampton Council have been approached for comment.

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