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Motown star and Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson is planning a move to Wolverhampton next year, the Express & Star can reveal.

Feels like home – Tito Jackson enjoys a stroll in Wolverhampton’s Queen Square as he takes a break from house hunting in the city

Tito, one of pop legend Michael's older brothers, has sized up properties in Bridgnorth and Compton as he looks to move to the UK in 2018.

During a house-hunting tour of Wolverhampton, including a visit to the Express & Star's head office, the 63-year-old star praised the city's restaurants, the friendliness of its people and said he keeps an eye out for Wolves' results.

WATCH Tito Jackson on his move to Wolverhampton

Tito was a special guest at Molineux last month for Wolves' draw with Bristol City.

And he said he has kept the club's fixtures on a card in his wallet so he can keep track of their schedule.

Tito greets people in the city centre

He is flying back to the USA today and said he was sorely disappointed to be missing the West Midlands derby clash against Aston Villa.


Tito said: "I'm planning to come to the UK for a while next year and spend some real time here.

"Wolverhampton is one of the places I really like.

"London is beautiful and has all of the elements I would like but it's a little too busy.

"When I'm not working I need a place where I can settle down."


Tito meeting fans

Tito said life in the capital would prove too 'stressful', so he wanted somewhere in easy reach but which allows him to feel comfortable while roaming the area.

But Wolverhampton has competition – with the Motown star also considering Devon as a future base.

Tito said: "In London you can't even cross the street without being afraid, because of the traffic.

"And it goes in the opposite direction to what I'm used to, so I'm always looking the wrong way for cars – but I'm getting used to it.

"The people here are so kind as well and that's more important than anything.

Tito stopped off at the Express & Star headquarters during his visit

"In my hometown on the outskirts of LA, a town called Calabasas, it can also be stressful like it is in London.

"And the people there are not quite as generous as here.

"I'm a quiet person and barely go out that much when I'm at home in LA or Las Vegas."

Tito's unlikely link with Wolverhampton comes through a member of his management team who lives in the city.

He is looking for a base for when he is in the UK and Wolverhampton is geographically well placed. The Jackson 5 star says he has also fallen in love with the people, its accent and the friendliness of the Black Country.

Tito feels at home in city as he develops new love for football

Tito visited the city this week

Tito Jackson looked right at home in Wolverhampton, chatting happily with locals who unexpectedly came face-to-face with a former Jackson 5.

And he revealed that he is also getting a taste for football after a recent trip to Molineux.

Football hasn’t always been Tito’s sport of choice.

But he has learned to love it over the years.

And he vowed to watch as many of Wolves’ home fixtures as he can if he does set up his UK home in Wolverhampton.

Tito’s connection with football – or soccer as he knows it – dates back to his schooldays with his younger brothers Michael and Marlon. A French PE teacher tried to encourage the pupils to try out the sport, but Tito said he and his brothers ‘didn’t really care for it’ as children.

However, he loved his trip to Molineux last month and said he has been keeping an eye out for Wolves’ results since.

Tito said if his move to Wolverhampton pans out then he could be a regular face in the crowd at Molineux. The 63-year-old said: “Our junior high school was such a small school that when we had PE the whole school had PE class – not just one group of kids, it was everyone. So I was in the same class as Michael and Marlon even though I was five years older. We had a French PE teacher and he tried to get us to play soccer. At the time we didn’t see any sense in kicking a ball back and forth, and we didn’t really care for it.

“But over the years I’ve learned to appreciate it as a sport – the stamina and how they use their head and feet.

“My kids play soccer and my grandson does as well.

“Going to see Wolves was my first time going in person.

“I haven’t been following them in great detail since but I have been keeping up with their games.

“And if I move here I will be a supporter of Wolves at Molineux.”

Tito Jackson meets Helder Costa during his visit to Wolves. (Picture © AMA Sports Photo Agency/Sam Bagnall)
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