Debenhams in Wolverhampton: Readers have their say on the city's new department store

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It has been hailed as 'truly amazing' and 'great for Wolverhampton', but what did you make of the new Debenhams opening up in Wolverhampton city centre?

Debenhams in the Mander Centre

Hundreds of Express & Star readers have had their say on the city's new mammoth department store, which swung its doors open for the first time yesterday.

There were queues around the Mander Centre as eager shoppers waited for the shutters to be lifted around 10am, with former Wolves star Jody Craddock cutting the ribbon.

Here's what some of you had to say about the city's newest store:

Good news for Wolverhampton

Kashmire DS Hawker: "This is only very good news for Wolverhampton's Retail Industry, as hopefully over the coming few months the rest of the stores will be filled."

Chris Burden: "Debenhams is now catering to the middle market, which is good and broadens the appeal of the city centre. Sadly, now that BHS has gone, there's no lower-end offering when it comes to department stores. Hope this investment can be the start of a renewal."

Jassi Broadmeadow: "It's about time something good happened in Wolverhampton. Here's to the start of a city that will prosper in years to come."


Ann Ansell: "Let's hope it does the city good, change happens whether we like it or not. At the end of the day if it attracts shoppers into the centre, that can only be a good thing for them as well as the other shops already there."

Kathryn Anstiss: "Debenhams will give Beatties some competition again and healthy competition is a good thing. Good luck to Wolverhampton for a prosperous future."

Too expensive

Kirsten Reynolds: "It is a fabulous shop selling lovely items but we are a town where the minority of the work force are part time and on national living wage, plus we have a high unemployment rate. I cannot afford to shop in there."


Jonathan L Parkes: "It will make money for Debenhams shareholders in the meantime Wolverhampton has driven out loads of independent traders and shop owners whose owners spent their profits locally. Good work Wolverhampton and nothing to be proud about."

Shell Harris: "Waste of money opening up a lot of people can't afford to shop in those places. Why didn't the council just go cheaper on the rents then maybe the other shops would still be around."

Bryn Jones: "The Mander Centre is a sinking ship beyond saving, can't see Debenhams ever getting their investment back let alone a profit."

Emma Baker: "Lovely new shop, just can't see it doing great when everything else in Wolverhampton is doing so bad. The bottom of the Mander Centre is pitiful."

Jack Averty

By Jack Averty
Senior Reporter - @javerty_star

Reporter with the Express & Star, based at head office in Wolverhampton


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