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Family celebrating five living generations ranging from two months to 98 years

The arrival of a new baby means one family is celebrating the rare situation of having five living generations.

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Tim Eaton is pictured holding Frankie alongside Tom and Betty Robinson, Lynda Eaton and Clair Ellahee.

The birth of Frankie Eaton on September 11 was met with joy by his mother and father, 27-year-old Elise Parry and 29-year-old Tim Eaton, his 46-year-old grandmother Clair Ellahee, 69-year-old great-grandmother Lynda Eaton and great-great-grandparents Betty and Tom Robinson.

It means five generations of the same family are all alive, with mum, dad, grandmother and great-grandmother living in Shrewsbury and the 91-year-old Betty and 98-year-old Tom living in Willenhall.

Lynda Eaton said she still couldn't believe it and was delighted that Frankie had four generations of family ahead of him.

She said: "I think it's just unbelievable, really, and Frankie at nine weeks old is just a blessing, particularly for my mum and dad being able to hold their great-great-grandchild.

"My mum and he had a little cuddle today and my dad was kissing him and, for me, it's all about the start and the finish from Frankie to them."

Lynda said the whole family, which included her other two children and nine grandchildren, were delighted to have Frankie in their lives.

She said: "Tim, his dad, has been really close with all of the family, including my other grandchildren and my other two children, so they've been loving being able to see Frankie.

"My mum and dad are a lot older these days and require a lot of care, but they have a lot of stories from their younger years that I hope they can share with him.

"For the five generations of our family, as well as the extended family, Frankie has just been a blessing and I think it's brilliant that my mum and dad could see him."