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£8 a year on council tax as £500,000 loan to be taken out for repairs to wall next to Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

Bridgnorth Town Council is to take out £500,000 government loan over 25 years to pay for the repairs to the damaged wall that closed the town's Cliff Railway.

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Bridgnorth Cliff Railway

And residents in Bridgnorth are being asked to pay an extra £8 a year in their council tax to repay the debt a meeting was told on Thursday night in Castle Hall, in West Castle Street.

The meeting was arranged to provide the public with information on the costs of fixing the damaged retaining wall and to propose methods of funding it.

Bridgnorth Cliff Railway was closed on health and safety grounds last December following the discovery of a damaged retaining wall surrounding the funicular railway in High Town.

Workers repairing the Cliff Railway wall

The closure of the attraction saw 14 staff made redundant and its loss has affected businesses in the town as well as making it harder for residents and visitors to go from Low Town to High Town.