Woman hit with online abuse after posting sunset picture calls for clampdown on trolls

A woman who was subjected to a torrent of abuse after posting a picture of a sunset on Facebook has called for a clampdown on online trolls.

Helen Nunn, aged 50, wants tighter rules on online abuse
Helen Nunn, aged 50, wants tighter rules on online abuse

Helen Nunn, aged 50, innocently posted a picture of a sunset on the I Live in West Bromwich group but within hours the comments had descended into personal insults.

Miss Nunn contacted Facebook to complain and some comments were removed but the abuse continued.

She said: "I was called a f***ing witch and other horrible names. It was so upsetting.

"If I was otherwise inclined I might have let it get to me and took my own life. There is no way these people would say such nasty things to your face but because they are sitting behind a keyboard they think they can say what they like, and be really hurtful.

"I complained to Facebook and they did remove some comments but some people carried on, I just don't understand why people are so nasty."

Helen just uploaded a sunset online and received abuse

She added: "The Government should do something about online abuse, make it the same as if it was in the street. They need to make it more of a crime."

Helen is an avid photographer and enjoys taking snaps of West Bromwich, where she has lived for 27 years.

"I saw a sunset and took a photo of it, I like taking photos, I saw the statue of Phil Lynott the other day and took a photo of it."

Despite the abuse online Helen is going to remain a member of the I Live in West Bromwich Facebook group and continue to upload photos which she takes.

"The abuse will not stop me, no chance, I will not let the bullies win. No way."

However, some members of the Facebook group disagree with Helen's complaints about online abuse.

Dean Wildman commented: "Online abuse? It's like if they put all the school bullies in a vending machine and you still choose to walk up to it every chance you get and then complaining they taking the piss and saying hurty words.

Lin Guest added: "If the abuse is a problem then stay off line. Simples."

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes it is hard to stop bullying on the platform.

He said: "It's horrible and we need to fight it and we have policies that are against it, but it also is often the case that bullying content is not clearly illegal."

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