'Devil cat' finds a happy home just in time for Christmas

A 'devil cat' dubbed the UK’s unluckiest moggy after she kept being sent back by previous adoptees has finally found a new family just in time for Christmas.

Me? A devil cat? I don’t think so, says a new serene Sky, as she allows owners Ben and Marsha to talk to her
Me? A devil cat? I don’t think so, says a new serene Sky, as she allows owners Ben and Marsha to talk to her

'Unadoptable' two-year-old white cat Sky struggled to find a home after attacking children on more than one occasion – meaning cat sanctuary bosses were forced to turn down prospective adoptees from taking her.

Staff at WellCats in Birmingham worried the pet, who also couldn’t be advertised to families with children on their website due to her devilish ways, would be left without a home forever – but luckily they found a family brave enough to take her on.

And since Sky moved in with new owners Ben Clayden and Marsha Goneia, also from Birmingham, she has completely transformed into a happy little moggy.

Cook Pauline Beasley, 70, founder of WellCats, said: “Sky was an unadoptable cat - she’s certainly devilish.

How could I possibly be called a ‘devil cat? I’m a pussy cat!

“A lady dropped her off with us last year, we didn’t ask her why because usually it’s a lie, so up until Sky was a year old we didn't know anything about her past - or why she has such a distaste to children.

“We can usually get an idea of why when we meet the animal, based on how it acts with us.

“But Sky was adopted before to be the pet of a little girl and was quickly returned because she attacked the kids.

"Since then, we’ve had to refuse families that have children who want to adopt her.

“We couldn't advertise her to families because of her track record of attacking children.

“When she came back, we could barely even pick her up.

“She likes things to be as she chooses, she’s belted cleaners for tidying her pen wrong before.

“We usually don’t have the cats here for very long, but she had been here for a year."

Sky had been with Wellcats for a year previously so when Marsha and Ben arrived, staff didn’t expect her to be the kitty of choice.

Sales technician Ben, 28, and Marsha, 30, had wanted to get a pet after visiting a friend in Australia who had recently adopted a cat themselves.

And they refused to listen to advice telling them Sky wasn’t safe to rehome after being blown away by her adorable photo.

Marsha said: “We decided to adopt a rescue cat because it felt to us like the best way to do it, rather than pay for a kitten.

I wonder what these baubles look like on the floor?

“We saw pictures of Sky online, and instantly wanted to meet her.

“We phoned up and were told she was troublesome, but that didn’t stop us from wanting to see her.”

Since being adopted by Ben and Marsha, Sky has turned a new leaf with her behaviour and seems to have reformed from her devilish ways.

Ben said: “We spend a lot of time with Sky and haven’t had any problems so far.

“She’s a very independent cat.

“She’s definitely got an attitude though, if we try and move her things she quickly finds them and scatters them around the house to where she wants them to be – she’s a very sassy cat.

“If she doesn’t want to play, she just won’t, preferring to proudly perch on her royal purple bed.

“We feel that on some level that the pet has to pick the owner, so we think Sky is happy here.

“We connected with her straight away, and we feel she connected with us so we knew we had to take her home.”

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