Old people shouldn't vote, says pop star Jamelia

By Richard Guttridge | Local Hubs | Published:

Pop star Jamelia has sparked a row after saying people over the age of 75 should not be allowed to vote.


The Birmingham singer suggested the elderly should not have been able to take part in the Brexit vote - as well as a potential second referendum - as they will not be around long enough to live with the consequences.

Her comments, made on the Jeremy Vine show, sparked a backlash from some who accused her of being 'ageist'.

The Superstar singer said she believed it was 'unfair' for older people to have a say when they will soon be dead.

She said: "I think it's important not to get offended by what's being said.

"It has nothing to do with... I think you're capable of making a vote, I think you're of sound mind.

"I just think it's unfair you have a vote when you won't experience the consequences of that vote."

Speaking to a pensioner called Pat on the show, she added: "And you've had 50-60 years of voting."

But the pensioner hit back: "Because older people years ago made the decision to do this, or do that, means I haven't suffered from it or benefited from it.


"So why can I not with my conscience vote for what I believe in?"

Tweeting out the clip, host Jeremy Vine said: "A pensioner is told by Jamelia why there should be a cut-off age for voting - it would stop people above 75 voting because they will not live through the consequences of their decisions."

The issue caused a stir on social media. One user said: "How patronising and arrogant, not to mention ageist.

"If this was said about any other demographic there would be an outcry and rightly so.

"While I still have to pay tax even though I am retired after a full working life I am entitled to have my say."

Richard Guttridge

By Richard Guttridge
Investigations Editor - @RichG_star

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