Anger at mass Tettenhall gathering as rubbish dumped at parks across the region

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Crowds of people flocked to green spaces across the Black Country and Staffordshire as the hot weather continued over the weekend.

People flocked to Himley Hall in Dudley in the hot weather.

Temperatures hit highs of 24C (75.2F) and beauty spots across the region as people soaked up the sun.

But there were further reports of social distancing rules being ignored and rubbish being left scattered across parks.

Dozens of teenagers met up at Upper Green in Tettenhall on Saturday despite the lockdown rules prohibiting gatherings of more than two people.

Empty cans and glass bottles were left on the park along with nitrous oxide canisters, with claims that as many as 250 people had gathered.

Crowds formed in Tettenhall for a 'mass gathering'. Photo: Tettenhall/Facebook.

A post on the Tettenhall Facebook page said: "Please, if your children or loved ones are going out in the evening, make sure they understand the dangers. Not for themselves, but for those more at risk.

"To be clear, we have no issues with young people using the green lawfully. But everybody needs to follow the advice being given at the moment regarding Covid-19.

They later added: "Litter, empty alcohol bottles and cans, broken glass and hundreds of tiny laughing gas cannisters were strewn across the grass.


"At no point is this level of littering acceptable or okay. It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, this kind of mess is unacceptable."

Rubbish was also left at Himley Hall in Dudley which had another extremely busy weekend.

The only way is Dudley, a Facebook page for the area, said: "Tell your parents, friends and kids to pick up their rubbish.


"We have some beautiful parks and nature reserves and people are dumping rubbish all over them.

"This is just not good enough folks."

As of Monday, groups of up to six people from different households are allowed to gather in private gardens and outdoor spaces.

However over the weekend the maximum number of people allowed to meet was still two.

Rubbish was also dumped at Swan Pool in West Bromwich and Sheepwash Local Nature Reserve.

Meanwhile the West Midlands Mayor pleaded with people to pick up their waste after a "sea of litter" was found at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham.

Andy Street said: "We have some beautiful green spaces across the West Midlands and they’re there to be used as lockdown restrictions ease, but please pick up your rubbish afterwards – it isn’t difficult."

Officers from Staffordshire Police said they had been "really disappointed" after finding a section of Cannock Chase covered with litter.

People have since been urged to take all their rubbish with them when visiting the beauty spot.

A spokesman said: "We will not tolerate this behaviour and those involved will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

"Their selfish actions have a negative, sometimes lethal impact on the local wildlife and it is unfair on those persons wishing to use the area for its correct use and on the rangers who have to clean up the aftermath.

"We would like to thank those persons using Marquis Drive and surrounding areas responsibly and taking their litter home with them and would encourage anyone to call 101 and report any issues at the location."

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