Wolves fan’s life saved by Molineux cancer test

"When you walk in you're hoping for the best and you hope everything is going to be alright."

These are the words of lifelong Wolves fan Lee Sammons who found out he has prostate cancer.

Now the season ticket-holder has urged others to get checked out.

The 48-year-old was searching on the Wolverhampton Wanderers' website with his friend when he came across a test for the cancer.

The postman, from Wednesfield, said it "stuck in his mind" and he went down to Molineux for the check, which revealed he had the illness.

He now hopes to undergo a major operation to remove the cancer.

He said: "All my life I've been a Wolves fan.

"My dad took me to the first game way back when.

"I went round to see my mate, Paul Carpenter, and he was looking on the Wolves website and he mentioned this company was doing blood tests at Molineux, so I went down to Molineux and had the blood test.

"If it was not for him telling me they were doing, I probably wouldn't have known – I've got him to thank as well.

"He told me a couple of times and it stuck in my mind."


The test came as part of Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation which teamed up with the Graham Fulford Charitable Trust and The Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal.

Lee received his test results soon after the test, revealing his PSA level – prostate-specific antigen – was at 5.3.

"When you look at the chart it was around that of a 72-year-old, so that raised alarm bells," he said.

Mr Sammons underwent two more blood tests, with doctors believing he had a urine infection which had caused the levels to be raised.

After taking some tablets for the infection, doctors found it had raised to 6.1.

He underwent an MRA scan, which proved inconclusive, before undergoing a biopsy – giving 14 samples.

The postman received the results of the biopsy on February 28.

Wolves fan Lee with his partner Sam Bird

"That's when I went in and suddenly found out as regards to results," he said.

"When you walk in you're hoping for the best and you hope everything is going to be alright.

"Me and a friend sat down and they explained 10 of the 14 samples were cancerous.

"It was type two and type three prostate cancer.

"The shock just hit me. When you think of cancer you always think the worst.

"We came out of the room and the consultant explained we've got two options – one is radiotherapy or to have an operation where they cut the prostate cancer out.

"It's a major operation.

"The consultant stressed 'you're young, fit and healthy' and 'there's no reason why they can't get the cancer out'.

"So we decided to go for the operation. It will be the best thing to do.

"Hopefully in six weeks time I'll have it.

"All the way through you're always thinking it's going to be alright, but the thing that worried me was the PSA levels which came back high.

"I was hoping it was just an enlarged prostate.

"It's a very major operation and I'm not looking forward to it because I've never been in hospital and it's going to be scary for me.

"I'm not squeamish but as regards the operation I can't go and watch that.

"Hopefully they're just going to get all of it out."


The postman is now encouraging other people to get themselves checked.

He said: "All it is is a blood test. I would encourage people to get checked out. There's guys at work who I've told and they are of the same age. They say they're going to go to the doctors for a check.

"You're fine and healthy and it just shows you that you can live your normal working life and you never know what's going on on the inside.

"It's about raising awareness for that.

"I hadn't heard anything about a trust as regards prostate cancer. You hear bits and bobs in the news but thankfully my mate told me about it.

"It's the best thing I've ever done looking back.

"When I've told people they've all been brilliant and very supportive."

Lee also praised his girlfriend, Samantha, for helping him through it.


Even though Lee has an upcoming operation, he has decided to watch as much of the Wolves as he can – and plans to go to Wolves' FA Cup clash against Manchester United.

The Wolves fan predicts a narrow 1-0 victory over the side.

He said: "I think they've got the goals in them and I'm hoping for the best.

"If they play like they did against Chelsea then it will be too easy.

"Wolves did well against Chelsea and there's a full house behind them. If we have a good, strong team, we've got every chance.

"There's no guarantees and we've done well against the top teams.

"I think it should be a good night."

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